Volume Discounts

The volume discount functionality will provide a discount to users who pass certain spending limits on a particular purchase. This will encourage customers to spend more on average. For example, a site administrator could offer a 10% discount for any purchase over $100, a 20% discount for purchases over $250 etc. Each time a user attempts to check out and their cart total qualifies for a discount, the discount will automatically apply and the user will be notified.

We’ve all seen those deals when online shopping: Spend this much money and get this much money off! It really pumps consumers up to spend a little more money just to save some, right? Optimum7 makes it easy for your store to offer what we’re calling ‘volume discounts’ with our Volume Discounts functionality.


This functionality is a great addition to any website that offers these type of deals. Regardless of whether your business offers a percentage off or a dollar amount off, it’s an easy way to encourage customers to spend more money on average at your store.

The Volume Discount functionality provides discounts to users who exceed spending limits set on particular items or purchases. The tool encourages customers to spend more money and every time a shopper attempts to checkout on a website with this functionality implemented the discount will be automatically applied if the cart total qualifies for a discount.

Let’s say a site administrator for an eCommerce business offers a 10% discount to customers who make any purchase exceeding $100, 20% for purchases exceeding $250, and so on. This functionality tells consumers what volume discounts are in effect and automatically applies the discounts to shoppers’ carts if viable. This functionality boosts conversions, encourages consumers to spend more money, and makes adding discounts to purchases easy for store owners and administrators.

Without this functionality, it wouldn’t be so easy to offer volume discount deals. Companies would have to manually apply discounts and consumers might have a tough time knowing the deals exist and claiming the discounts available to them. This tool makes everything about volume discounts easy and automated.

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