Checkout Up-sell Based on Cart Item

When a customer is in your checkout this tool will provide them with related products based on the product in their cart. Having this tool will not only give customers a better experience, but it’ll also increase your revenue per customer.

When customers are shopping online, sometimes it’s difficult to see all of the products a store has to offer. Moreover, sometimes shoppers are not aware of products they might need or want. Optimum7’s Checkout Upsell Based on Cart Item functionality makes it possible for online businesses to inform customers of similar products or related products based on items in their shopping carts.


The Checkout Upsell Based on Cart Item functionality is a great tool for any online store that wants to increase revenue by showing customers more products before finishing the checkout process.

After customers add items to the shopping cart and head to the checkout page on an eCommerce website with this functionality installed, a pop-up box will appear with products related to whatever items are in the carts.

Customers can see products that are used with the items they are in the process of buying or products similar to what they are buying and they can choose to add the suggested items to their shopping carts if desired.

The benefits of the Checkout Upsell Based on Cart Item functionality are easy to identify. This functionality helps to increase revenue per customer because it encourages customers to buy more by suggested products they may want and/or need.

The Checkout Upsell Based on Cart Item functionality can help businesses earn more money and provides information to customers that they may or may not have known already. For example, a customer might never know a business sells a particular item until the Advanced Checkout Upsell Based on Cart Item functionality tells him or her. If a customer is interested in the suggested products, then the functionality makes it easy for the customer to add the items to the cart he or she already started.

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