I approached Optimum7 with a mammoth wishlist of features we hoped to integrate into our site. Our goals in sum: To create accurately priced and more user-friendly ordering and to automate art proofing of custom products. I fully anticipated dismissal of our lofty objectives. Shockingly, I received an immediate (and enthusiastic!) reply. As weeks turned into months, the team encountered obstacles but they persevered and delivered on nearly everything we had only dreamed would be possible.

Erin Kimmett, O

We hired Optimum7 in 2010 and have watched our website search traffic grow over 12 fold. Our business continues to grow and grow. I just hired Optimum7 again to take on one additional site for sure and possibly a 3rd one for a new business unit we are introducing. Optimum7 is very professional in their execution of their strategies, something that was evident from the very first week after they were hired. We look forward to continuing our growth and capitalizing on it further through the new work we have assigned them.

Techpro Security Products, LLC
Brad Besner

Optimum7 did a great job adding a full custom preview involving our swatches to our Volusion website. Now, our customers can actually see what the swatches look like on our site along with their choices of styles and lettering for monograms before they actually proceed to purchase and check out. It has improved our conversion rate, particularly involving our retail customers. We didn’t realize, until Optimum7 illustrated, that they can actually add functionality not available through Volusion.

Boca Terry
Edward Cohen

2011 was our hardest year in business mainly because the Panda updates hurt us. Optimum7 has since helped us immensely. Their implementations, suggestions and overall guidance have brought us roaring back. Thank you Optimum7 for your great work and we look forward to working closely with you for many years to come.

Kanat Ozturan

We contracted with Optimum7 to make an important change to our check out page at sun-jel.com. Volusion does not provide adequate flexibility to allow for a fully fledged customer loyalty program so we ultimately sought Optimum7 after interviewing several developers. We wanted buyers to see the savings by enrolling before they check out. This meant an alternate pre-checkout calculation; something Volusion doesn’t offer. Optimum7 got this done for us and we are very pleased.

Aaron Oliver, T

Optimum7 helped us navigate through a very complex integration for us at MRP. We had key database information required by the Volusion platform that needed to be reformatted and some that was missing. However, we could not touch the Volusion code. We contracted with Optimum7 and they worked this through with us step-by-step. They created a web service for us to combine all of the pieces of information together to populate our database. This resulted in 1000’s of indexed products allowing MRP to bring our large and complex inventory on line in our new e-commerce store.

MRP Solutions
Kelvin Gouwens

We are so glad we used Optimum 7 to completely convert our website from Dreamweaver to the Volusion platform. They were very professional, very cost effective and delivered on time. We would highly recommend using Optimum 7.

Mary Ann Puou

We have done a number of projects now with Optimum 7. Some have been easy, and many have required custom programming. I view them as partners to my business. They are able to quickly discern if a technology problem can be fixed, or if another solution might exist. The work they have done has been completed on time, and if any issues are found later they are able to fix them quickly. I’d recommend Optimum 7 to anyone wanting to get more out of the Volusion shopping cart.

Tom McIntyre

I have been very impressed with Optimum7’s work with my website and my law firm. I see improvements in our traffic month in and month out in our visibility and website traffic. It has had significant effects. Recently 2 significant events occurred which can be credited to the work of Optimum7. Firstly, we received a major new case involving paralysis valued at over 10 million dollars that resulted from an inquiry directly from our website. Secondly, my firm was thoroughly researched online by one of the top US law firms for a major case. We received the case based on the online reputation and website quality as assessed by the hiring law firm. Optimum7’s expert Website Marketing, Reputation Management and Maintenance has given me great confidence in our potential online moving forward. Anyone seeking genuine results online should freely seek Optimum7’s guidance and expertise.

Hertz Law
Eric J. Hertz P.C., Owner

Optimum7 has provided me expert SEO consultation and services over the past year. They really took ownership of the entire process and have proven to me that they have the “chops” to consistently drive business results for my company. Its great to have a strategic partner like Optimum7 as they have freed me to focus on other key areas of my business with the confidence and the peace of mind that I will continually be improving my online presence and business. Traffic is double over the same period last year (2010) and sales are up 400%. Really great stuff!

Optimum7 has been able to integrate a product customization feature to show our customer a preview of their custom designed product before adding to cart. This has been an invaluable for both us and our customers.

Specialist ID
Patrick Barnhill, Owner

Optimum7 is a great team of technology experts who are up for any challenge! We are in the process of designing two new e-commerce sites with Volusion and contacted Optimum 7 to develop a custom API that would allow us to do forced minimums for our wholesale customers. Of all of the companies I contacted about this project, Optimum 7 was the most helpful answering all of my questions up front and seemed the most knowledgeable about the Volusion platform. The entire process of doing business with them was very easy and professional and they were able to deliver what they promised on time and on budget. Julian and his team of programmers are excellent and they all kept me posted on the project’s progress regularly. Arthur was incredibly helpful as well and was always ready to chat with me any time I needed anything or had questions. Very nice team to work with! I am a very picky person, so please know that I did a ton of research before committing to Optimum 7 because I didn’t want to get let down. But the project went great and we look forward to discussing additional projects and integrations with them in the near future.

Crossroads Original Designs
Brianna Miller

To the entire Optimum7 team – I want to deeply thank you for your persistence, your imagination and your efforts. You had taken on a task, and you were simply not willing to give up on it. As you have noted, the task is never completed. But we have reached a stage that lets us know that it has been worthwhile. We can only expect even better results in the future that should translate into a more successful Arlyn Scales. Hopefully, that will also reflect back to continuing success for Optimum7.

Arlyn Scales
Arnold Gordon, Owner

After spending a few weeks reaching out to many Volusion partners to create my custom functionality I settled on Optimum 7. I approached the project with great detail and expectations. While prices and personalities varied greatly between companies, I felt Optimum 7 had “all the right stuff” to get the job done as expected and without any issues. I came to that conclusion after comparing their live custom work to some of the others as well as a being able to discuss this project with one of their programming team leaders that would oversee the work. Now that the project is finished, I must say I’m am so thankful that I chose Optimum 7. The project was executed quickly, I was kept in the loop all the way through via their project management system. They even added a functionality “wish” of mine that I mentioned because they still had a bit of time left over from the initial quoted hours. That doesn’t only show me that they are honest on their timing but that they love to make their clients overjoyed. And overjoyed I was! I’ve worked with many 3rd party development companies for custom web-store work over the years and Optimum 7 definitely stands out above the rest. Great Job Guys! I am no longer missing the functionality my competitors have!

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