Your e-commerce store has to compete with endless distractions for your customers. Often people become irritated by notifications and unsubscribe from email lists. What if you could create a custom notification system that would tell your customers exactly what they wanted to know? This feature lets customers opt in to notifications for specific situations, like when the price drops or the item becomes available in stock again.

Remind Me Functionality

Get more traffic, customers and conversions for your e-commerce store by installing a notification about situations such as drops in price, or times when an item is restocked. You can customize this to your website depending on the type of information your customers would want to know.

Who is it for?

This is for any e-commerce company. The most common ways to use it are for price drops and “back-in-stock” notifications, because that is the most common information for customers to want. However, you can tailor it to the specifics of your e-commerce store.

What Does It Do?

This feature creates an icon of a bell with notification options beside it on your e-commerce page. Customers can opt to receive notifications based on common events like re-stocks or price drops. Customers will receive an email with a direct link to the product page they wanted to be notified about. You can customize your email themes and content as much as you want.

Remind Me Functionality Benefits

You can bring more customers to your ecommerce store by reminding people of something they wanted, like a price drop or a re-stock, or anything else they may need to know. This means you get to increase conversions, sales, and revenue.

The Difference Remind Me Functionality Makes

Without this feature, you can lose sales because customers will plan to buy one of your products when the price drops, then forget all about their intentions. That’s when a helpful notification can bring them back and help you complete the sale.

Try it

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Remind Me Functionality


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