Creating a child product for every single combination of options you offer is an unbelievably tedious and time-consuming process. This solution uses an external database logic to override Volusion’s cumbersome inventory grid, making this process as fast and painless for you as possible.

Smartmatch Functionality

When you’re shopping online, variation is a wonderful thing. You can find a shirt you like and order it in 8 different colors if you want to. But, for businesses, this can sometimes be a hassle, because if they are selling the same product in different colors and sizes, then it can be confusing when it comes to inventory.

Who is it for?

Optimum7 created the Smartmatch Functionality to make online selling simpler for businesses who sell product variations. For example, if you sell cups in different sizes and color options, then on many eCommerce platforms you are required to enter the cups as a variation. This is a great feature, because you can add your products quickly, but it can become a bad thing if your inventory is not in sync with what’s shown as available on your online store.

Smartmatch Functionality

Smartmatch Functionality

What Does It Do?

The Smartmatch Functionality allows users to set their inventory limits on specific variations of products, which prevents customers from ordering products that are not actually in stock and causing backorders. For example, if you have 1 blue 18-ounce cup and 1 red 22-ounce cup available and that’s it, then customers will only be able to order 1 of each. Technically you have 2 cups available, so sometimes platforms will allow customers to order 2 of 1 variation, even if you don’t have 2 of the same variation in stock. This functionality will prevent customers from ordering 2 blue 18-ounce cups when you only have 1 in stock.

Smartmatch Functionality Benefits

When customers order products that you don’t actually have in stock, what can you do? You can order more or you can tell your customer that you don’t actually have what they ordered. Or, you can just prevent this situation from taking place at all. You can avoid this potential confusion with the Smartmatch functionality.

The Difference Smartmatch Functionality Makes

With this functionality, you can set inventory limits on specific variations of products and users will only be able to order that amount until you change the inventory in the backend.

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Smartmatch Functionality


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