If you ship more than 100 items per day for your ecommerce store, you know that the delivery of those shipments and customer satisfaction go hand in hand. What if you could see the status of all deliveries on a dashboard and also see when there are exception in shipments in tracking information before your customers. This allows you to know where the shipped packages are and keep your customers happy.

Order Tracking and Notifications Functionality

If your business ships a high quantity of packages each day or often, then you know how important it is to know what’s up with the packages you send out, especially before your customers come to you with issues. You want to know when there are problems before your customers do.

Who is it for?

The Order Tracking and Notifications functionality by Optimum7 is for businesses that send out a multitude of packages each day and would like to keep track of the packages in a simple way.

What Does It Do?

The Order Tracking and Notifications functionality is essentially a dashboard that displays every order a company sends out. Businesses can see what shipments are where and at what stage of the shipping process they are at. This functionality keeps shipping progress and tracking information all in one spot. Plus, it makes it easier for businesses to know what’s going on with shipments, which can keep businesses in the know and ready to answer questions if customers call about missing packages.

Order Tracking and Notifications Functionality Benefits

The Order Tracking and Notifications functionality is all about knowledge and organization. It helps keep businesses organized when it comes to know where packages are and it can help with any issues that arise with missing or slow-arriving packages. The functionality keeps all shipment information in 1 easy-to-access location.

The Difference Order Tracking and Notifications Functionality Makes

Without this functionality, it could be pretty hard to keep track of shipping status and information pertaining to hundreds or thousands of packages. The Order Tracking and Notifications functionality makes life a little bit easier for businesses.

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