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Sometimes you have a product that needs an order limit. If you are selling event tickets, you can’t have one person buying one-hundred-and-twenty-five tickets. You know that person is just scalping anyway. Setting an order limit lets you prevent spam, scalping and other ways people may try to cut into your profits. This functionality from Optimum7 gives you a simple way to accomplish this.

Set an order limit on your eCommerce store with this easy-to-use functionality from Optimum7. Prevent spam bots, hackers, and scalpers from buying up all your product, whether you sell movie tickets, concert tickets, or any popular product that someone would try to order in bulk. This feature is fully customizable to any limit you want to set.

WooCommerce Order Limit

Whenever you are concerned about spammers and scalpers, you can benefit from setting an order limit. This feature is for you if you sell tickets to concerts, shows, movies, or any type of event. You may need to set order limits if you happen to have the hottest product of the holiday season.

WooCommerce Order Limit

Set an order limit on your products with this functionality from Optimum7. Let’s take concert tickets as an example of a product where this might be useful. Customers will be prevented from ordering more than a certain number of tickets. However, sometimes customers need to order a bulk number of tickets for a specific reason. If this is the case, they can work around the order limit by calling you or getting in touch another way.


Scalpers aren’t fair to you or your customers. You lose profits and your customers lose a chance to enjoy the experience you offer via your ticket. When you have this functionality, you can rest assured that scalpers and spam bots are being filtered out. Legitimate efforts to buy tickets in bulk can reach you with a phone call or email.

WooCommerce Order Limit

This feature prevents scalping and spam. That’s a more secure and profitable experience for you, and a more honest and transparent experience for your customers. This functionality is so easy to use that all you have to do is set it and forget it.

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