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Internet Marketing for Healthcare Industry

Internet marketing for healthcare professionals requires a multi-level, highly-targeted approach that will bring in new patients and nurture them into long-lasting partnerships throughout the patient journey.

While healthcare professionals are constantly seeking out the latest innovative technologies and treatments to utilize in their practice, their marketing efforts are often neglected or outdated. We understand, your focus needs to be on your patients, but a strong online marketing strategy for healthcare can bring in a higher quality of patient as well as improve current patient relationships.

Custom Healthcare Internet Marketing Plans

85% of healthcare leaders say digital innovation is part of their long-term strategies to improve care. Patient portals and new medical devices have changed the nature of doctor-patient relationships and are predicted to become more sophisticated as time goes on. Nowadays, doctors have to engage with their patients beyond normal business hours and your website needs to be a resource for patients as well as a 24/7 business representative.

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Uses of Internet Marketing in Healthcare

These days, patients love doing their own online research before seeking medical attention. More often than not, the first place they look is Google. According to business insider, 90% of searches are done through Google and 75% of those users don’t go past the first page of search results. This means ranking on the first page of Google is competitive and highly profitable, especially for the healthcare industry in which one patient can have a lifetime value of thousands upon thousands upon dollars. You want to make sure that prospective patients see your business and are impressed before they make a decision on a healthcare provider.

A smooth, well-designed website with high-quality and informative content not only helps your website rank well on Google, it also builds trust in your patients who are trying to choose a healthcare provider. Our in-house team of content writers will assure your content is high-quality and targeted for what your audience is searching for. Information builds trust; if your website can be a resource for information, you will build trust in prospective patients as well as retaining the ones you currently have.

Speaking of building trust, adding customer testimonials to your site is an easy way to show prospective patients that you’re a healthcare provider they can rely on. According to this study, reputation is most important for professionals in the healthcare industry. You need to ensure that your customer reviews and reputation are pristine.

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What are the Benefits of Internet Marketing for Healthcare Professionals?

Make Business Processes More Efficient

Marketing automation and client management systems are an easy way to make your business run more smoothly so you can spend your energy on your patients. You can create an automated system that will remind patients when they have an upcoming appointment.

Creating a patient portal that allows patients to access their health information and book appointments on their own accord saves you and your employees time.

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Higher ROI than Traditional Healthcare Marketing

We’ve seen many medical institutions throwing their money away on traditional marketing channels with no way of knowing if they’re getting a positive return on investment. Maybe you buy an ad in the paper or on a bus stop and hundreds of people see it, but are you reaching the right people?

One clear advantage digital marketing has over traditional marketing is your ability to micro-target your audience. You can choose who sees your ad based on age, proximity to your business, interests, even by life events such as getting engaged or having a baby.

Custom Marketing Strategies

Why You Should Hire a Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency

Focus on Your Patients

Running an effective digital strategy is time-consuming. Between strategy, content creation, and optimizing your site, it can consume time or energy that could be spent treating your patients and running your business.

Access to Our Full In-House Staff

Optimum7 is a full-service internet marketing agency with our own in-house team of marketers, copywriters, developers, and strategists dedicated to your business. You simply won’t get the same bang for your buck by hiring a full-time digital marketing manager. Furthermore, agencies like Optimum7 use intelligence tools that can be quite costly. It makes sense to spend that kind of money for our business but probably doesn’t for yours.

We Stay Up to Date With the Latest Healthcare Digital Marketing Trends

Our industry is one that is constantly evolving. What worked for websites 5 years ago is ancient history in the world of digital marketing for healthcare institutions. We stay up to date with the latest tools and techniques so that you don’t have to.