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Why are you in business? What are your short and long term goals? What is your plan for growth? Who are your customers? How can we help?
These are the questions we ask our clients. Before we can make the services we offer valuable to you and profitable for your business, we have to know where you are and where you want to go. Only when we understand you and your business on this deeper level can we determine exactly what we need to do to provide real and tangible results.


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Our Strategy


Collecting email information can be challenging. Optimum7 has a number of lead generation techniques to request contact information from your user base.


It is critical to build and nurture a relationship with your client is time consuming but very rewarding. Creating a conscious strategy, aka, the “marketing funnel,” is key.


Out of natural curiosity and a drive for success, we utilize all the reporting tools at our disposal to review how many were read, how long they browsed the email, follow-up on A/B testing and, importantly, conversions.

Why Do Businesses Need An Email Marketing Strategy?

Email Marketing is direct contact with your potential or existing clients, which is your opportunity to tell them about your products or services and offering them incentives to purchase.

The advantage of Email Marketing is that if someone has given you their email, you’ve already won half of the battle! You already have a willing and receptive audience who is expecting to hear from you.

Another great advantage is that email Marketing is well-known for having much higher Return on Investment (ROI).

Now, you just have to communicate in the right way and avoid being spammy.

What are some of the nuts and bolts of an effective Email Marketing strategy?

  1. Plan how you’re going to get these emails.
  2. Set up effective systems that include saving emails in whatever database system you use and email verification.
  3. Writing “subject” lines that entice people to actually open it.
  4. Consistency.
  5. Valuable content. If the only thing you do is market your products, you may just lose them. There has to be a balance.
  6. Offer exclusive incentives and discounts to those on your email list. Make it worth it, monetarily.

Email Marketing At Optimum7

Lead Generation And List Building

With recently passed standards and regulations, in order to send an email to a customer, they need to willingly give you that information and opt-in to your mailing list. Optimum7 uses proven tactics to grow your mailing list for your drip marketing efforts

Email Copy & Content

Your email copy, content, and subject lines are a few of the most  important elements of any email marketing strategy. You need copy that is compelling, graphics and visual content to keep your audience engaged, and subject lines that will spark their curiosity. 

Email Design & Templates

Create a custom email design that is on brand and captures your audience’s attention. We can design and code custom templates for your email campaigns that enhance the customer experience and help you stand out from the competition. Our creative team knows how to utilize design to increase conversions through proven strategies.

Automation & Personalization

With automation and personalization technologies, you can elevate your email campaigns, saving you time and engaging your audience on a new level. 74% of marketers agree that personalizing your emails increases engagement, conversions, and the open rate of your campaign.

Frequently Asked

  1. Consistency. In Optimum7’s experience, to see results you have to publish at exactly the same time on the same date, religiously. Your ROI can suffer if you change the routine up on your clients.
  2. Solve deliverability issues quickly. One of the ways to manage that is simply to keep to your schedule. And at the base, the server and the IP the email can also cause problems that need quick fixing. Sometimes there are issues with the number, since some servers limit this. Occasionally there is something in the content of the emails that triggers a block.
If it’s from a trusted source, someone that they already know and have given of their email address of their own volition, that’s more than half the battle won. Another 33% will open solely based on the subject line, so you’ve got to be creative, succinct, use verbs and test subject lines. Your industry and day and time will often play a large role. If your industry is directly related to your client’s work, they might just open your email on a Monday. If it is somewhat related, maybe on a Tuesday. Most press releases are sent on a Tuesday, after journalists have had their fill on Monday morning of the top news and Tuesday they have a moment to look at other news.

Establish Your Goals

What do you hope to get out of your email marketing? New clients? Do you want your existing clients to make another purchase? Your goals will dictate the type of campaign you create, who your target audience is, what kind of content you want to use, and which KPIs you should focus on.

Build Your Email List

Once you’ve established your goals, you need to start building an email list to distribute your content. If you plan on using email marketing for remarketing, you can import your current contact list. Before you do, make sure you have permission to send your clients promotional emails.
If you plan on sending emails to prospective clients, you will need a lead capturing tool in order to entice them to share their contact information with you. This usually involves some sort of value proposition, such as a discount, ebook, or whitepaper.

Select Which Type of Campaign You Want to Run

Different email campaigns are suited for different goals. Newsletters are an excellent way to distribute content and engage your audience when they aren’t on your site. Marketing offers such as sales and discount codes can be a good way to turn your clients into repeat customers. An announcement could be used to inform your audience of a new product, feature, or service you’re offering.

Create Your Campaign

Once your goals are established, you’ve built your audience, and decided which type of campaign you want to run, you can start creating your first campaign. You’ll need to create an email template that is visually engaging and copy that persuades your audience

Track & Optimize Your Results

Tracking your open rates, click through rates, and conversions can give you valuable insights as to where your campaigns can be improved.

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