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This functionality will prompt buyers to agree to certain terms and conditions before adding the item to their cart. This is useful for parental control, alcoholic beverages, or for providing warranty and/or disclaimers. This is also beneficial for complicated merchandise that requires more information or instruction.

There are a few online businesses that sell products that should come with a warning message or ‘heads up!’ For example, if an eCommerce website sells products that could be harmful if allowed in the wrong hands, then the company might consider offering their customers a Terms and Conditions pop-up when ordering. Customers are then required to read the Terms and Conditions and click ‘Approve,’ then they can be on their way.


This functionality is useful for any company that sells potentially harmful products online. For example, businesses that sell alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or merchandise solely intended for adults (and not children).

With the implementation of the Add to Cart Terms and Conditions Pop-Up functionality, a message containing Terms and Conditions will appear when customers add items to their carts. The Terms and Conditions can pop-up when specific products are added to the shopping cart or when any product is added. The wording used in the Terms and Conditions can be something specific to your company, or whatever product the consumer is adding to his or her shopping cart, or a general Terms and Conditions message.

The main purpose of Terms and Conditions is to add an extra layer to the buying process. It might prevent undesired customers from purchasing certain products–for example: kids or people who don’t really understand what they’re trying to buy.

Terms and Conditions are also a useful way to tell customers more about products they are attempting to purchase. For example, if a consumer is trying to buy e-cigarettes, then the Terms and Conditions might include information about legal tobacco usage or what’s included with the purchase.

This functionality is beneficial because it can prevent young people from buying merchandise they really shouldn’t be buying and it can give further information to buyers that they may or may not know already. Another benefit of this functionality is that it helps companies minimize the risk of litigation.

Companies can alter the Terms and Conditions message however they want so whatever you think is necessary information, it can be included when Optimum7 implements this functionality for your business.

The Add to Cart Terms and Conditions Pop-Up can make the difference between an uninformed purchaser and an informed one, or a customer who should not be buying a certain product and customers who are totally allowed to buy a particular product.

It’s a liability thing for businesses and Optimum7 makes it simple!

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