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The Quick Order functionality allows users to order products in a quick way that doesn’t take much of their time. Customers who benefit from this functionality are returning customers who already know the items they’re going to purchase and don’t necessarily need to look at product images or descriptions. This functionality makes ordering in bulk easy and efficient. Quick Order works great with B2B companies who receive hundreds of orders on a daily basis.

Sometimes shoppers know exactly what they want when they visit an online store. It might be because they purchased the products before and they don’t need to learn more about the product details. This is why the Quick Order functionality exists. The functionality is similar to Quick View because it allows online shoppers to choose the products they want quickly and place an order in a very short amount of time.


This functionality is useful to any business that sells merchandise online. It is especially useful for companies that have a high quantity of repeat customers or customers who regularly buy products in bulk. This functionality is efficient for consumers and results in a higher conversion rate for businesses that utilize it.

The Quick Order functionality allows users to order products fast. All customers have to do is select the product(s) they want, the quantity of particular products they want, and proceed to checkout. This functionality eliminates the part of the buying process that makes shoppers view new webpages of product details.

The Quick Order functionality makes the buying process efficient for buyers who know what they want and just want to get it and get out. It can also increase conversions for online businesses that implement this functionality because buyers can complete purchases faster without distractions to keep them from finalizing their orders.

People who shop online appreciate efficiency, especially when they know what they want. With this functionality, people can buy what they want quickly and if they need to learn more about specific product then they still can by viewing the full product page (not the quick view option).

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