Custom Shipping Systems Functionality

The shipping integrated functionality on hosted carts may be very limited. Certain functionality can only be achieved by a custom integration into the shipping providers API. Optimum7 can build these integrations into systems like UPS, FedEx, Freightquote, and InXpress.

Online businesses are normally provided with integrations for the most popular shipping systems, which include: United States Postal Office, FedEx, DHL, and UPS. But, sometimes, businesses don’t want to use these shipping systems for whatever reason or require different shipping systems depending on what’s ordered. Whatever the case, Optimum7 can integrate custom shipping systems for online businesses using Volusion, Shopify, BigCommerce, etc. with our Custom Shipping Systems functionality.

Custom Shipping Systems Functionality

The Custom Shipping Systems functionality is for businesses who use shipping systems that are not automatically integrated with their websites’ platforms. Optimum7 can connect stores with their shipping company or third party system and everything will run smoothly. This beats the alternative of manually entering sales data day after day for shipping systems not integrated on the company’s website platform.

Custom Shipping Systems Functionality

If a company uses a third party software for shipping, such as SolidCommerce, or uses a shipping system that is not one of the big name shipping companies, like Freightquote or Inxpress, then Optimum7 can integrate these shipping systems with the company’s website and all orders will automatically be processed through to these shipping systems.

When the shipping options are limited and a store doesn’t utilize any of them, it becomes complicated, because it’s tough work to manually process every single order day after day. Optimum7’s Custom Shipping Systems functionality makes using an uncommon shipping system as easy as using a big name shipping system. Orders will be processed automatically through whatever shipping system is integrated and the company can use their saved time in more beneficial ways.

The difference the Custom Shipping Systems functionality makes is the difference between taking the time to process orders manually everyday and not. Whatever shipping system a company uses, Optimum7 can integrate it with the company’s website so orders are automatically processed through the desired shipping provider.

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