Category Page Color Swatches

These swatches will be displayed on product listings on category pages, allowing users to view different colors of a product without going to the product page itself

Display color swatches on the product listings of your category pages so that your customers can see there are more options to explore for each product


This feature is for eCommerce companies that offer multiple colors for one product. Show customers one product in different colors on category pages using this functionality. This often applies to clothing, shoes, cups, or furniture.

This feature shows customers different color swatches for one product on your category page. This means you can show customers a product in multiple colors before they even visit the product page.

This feature has the benefit of showing your customers products in different colors, which may encourage them to visit product pages. You could increase your conversions by showing customers a product in color options. Online shoppers are impatient. The sooner you show them something they like, the better.

You could sell more products to your eCommerce customers by showing them products in a color they may prefer on your category page. Even if your customers don’t see a color they like immediately, you can drive more traffic to your product pages when shoppers know there are more options to explore.

If you want an attractive way to display the color options for your products on category pages, Optimum7 can help you install these color swatches. Call Optimum7 at 866-848-6072 or contact us online for more information.


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