Allow Customers to Use Their Own Freight Accounts at Checkout

Use your FedEx account on BigCommerce functionality integrates your FedEx account with the Bigcommerce platform. Online shop owners manage shipping solutions and eCommerce platforms with one account.

It is available to integrate FedEx account with Bigcommerce now. “Use your FedEx account on BigCommerce functionality” links the FedEx account to BigCommerce and makes sure that the connection is flawless.

Fedex use Your Own Account Bigcommerce

This functionality is for eCommerce business owners who are looking for integrated solutions for online stores. In the case of having a FedEx account for shipping solutions, the functionality provides the opportunity to link it to the BigCommerce store. The partnership between these two solution providers offers special discounts as well. If you are already working with FedEx and looking for a new eCommerce platform, this functionality solves your problem exactly.

FedEx Shipping Integration

Integrating two platforms doesn’t mean that it will work immediately. This functionality integrates two platforms with one account. While these two platforms are integrating, there will be no interruptions in any operations. When it is completed, the function guarantees that the integration works properly.

The benefits of this functionality are twofold. If you need an integrated solution for both the eCommerce platform and shipping, it offers that the solutions will work perfectly. Business owners who have already FedEx account, have the opportunity to get a discount from BigCommerce.

Benefits of FedEx and BigCommerce Integration

This functionality solves the issue of complicating integrations that includes shipping and eCommerce platforms. Online stores provide a better shopping experience for their customers. Businesses manage the operations without mistakes that occur because of complex steps between the purchase approval and delivery steps.

This functionality can be on your website today. Contact Optimum7 and we will get this tool set up for you.


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