International Checkout

International checkout integration is the right solution for when you want to ship internationally. But, itís understandable if youíre worried about fraud because (a) address verification system (AVS) only works in the USA, and (b) youíre worried that customers might become upset due to the customs and duty fees charged when shipping internationally. The good news is that we can do a third-party integration so you can finally sell hassle-free.

International Checkout

Does your business ship products internationally? Shipping internationally can certainly be a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be with Optimum7’s International Checkout Integration functionality.

Who is it for?

This functionality is for any Ecommerce business that ships products overseas.

What Does It Do?

The International Checkout Integration functionality is the right solution for businesses that ship internationally. Companies that ship overseas frequently deal with issues in relation to fraud and extra fees paid by customers for shipping packages. Optimum7 can do a third-party integration for your business that eliminates issues like these and makes shipping internationally as easy as shipping to locations right here in the states.

International Checkout Benefits

With this functionality, you don’t have to worry about your Address Verification System that only works in the United States. Optimum7 will do a third-party integration for your company so you can sell internationally hassle-free.

The Difference International Checkout Makes

This functionality makes shipping products from the U.S. internationally easy. Without this functionality, you will deal with the everyday problems companies that internationally ship face: fraud scares, extra fees, and upset customers.

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