Bulk Discounts Functionality

You can create hundreds of thousands of discount codes for your eCommerce store with a single click using this functionality. If you want to promote your products or services with discounts on social media, or offer incentives to loyal customers and business partners, this is an efficient and secure way to do so.

This functionality lets you generate up to 250,000 discount codes for your eCommerce store by following a few simple steps. The codes can be viewed, exported to a CSV file, or accessed by administrators with ease. These codes can be used for social media campaigns, loyalty programs, or offering discounts to partners and affiliates.


This bulk discount code creator is for eCommerce administrators who need to produce a large volume of discount codes in a short amount of time. Discounts are a powerful promotional technique, and this tool makes it easier for eCommerce companies to implement them.

This functionality can create hundreds of thousands of discount codes using a fast and easy process. It is quick and simple to export these codes to a CSV file. With this tool, you are just a few clicks away from creating up to 250,000 codes that can be offered to partners, used as incentives for loyal customers, posted as social media content, and more.

Discounts are immediately attractive to customers and business partners alike. You can save countless hours by generating an enormous amount of discount codes with this functionality. It’s easy to export these codes for use on your eCommerce store’s website, social media pages, marketing emails, and anywhere else you believe you could attract more customers by offering a discount.

Creating a convenient, secure and reliable system of offering discount codes shouldn’t have to be a time consuming process. You can save valuable time by creating a large volume of discount codes through this expedient process. Your eCommerce store becomes more attractive to customers when it offers them benefits and value like discounts, which can make a positive difference in your revenue.

If you want to add the benefits of discount codes to your eCommerce store, contact Optimum7 for more information about this functionality. Other eCommerce stores have improved their performance by offering discounts, and we can put you in a position to do the same thing.


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