Do you like Ebay’s product bidding and auction features, perhaps you want to have something similar on your store? Well, now you can have auction features on your Ecommerce shop! With our product auction functionality you can easily allow customers to bid on product listings. Whether you are auctioning a few products or your entire store our functionality gives you the control to select which products will be up for auction.  Once a bidder has won an auction, emails are sent out automatically to notify the winner and other users who participated in the auction.

Product Auction Functionality

Do you want your online store to have the ability to auction off products such as Ebay, eBid and Bonanza? If so, then check out our Product Auction Functionality from Optimum7 which gives you the power to auction items just like the big boys.

Who is it for?

The Product Auction Functionality by Optimum7 is for online businesses that want to auction products for sale online. Ideal for Ecommerce stores who auction items such as paintings, antiques, handmade crafts, jewelry, electronics and many more. Can be used for charity auctions and fundraisers.

What Does It Do?

This functionality allows consumers to bid on products that are for up for auction. When a bidder wins an auction, emails are sent out automatically to notify the winner and other users who participated in the auction. Simultaneously the winner is charged for the amount of the bid. Ultimately by having this functionality on your store you will be able to manage all product auctions and bids with ease. 

Product Auction Functionality Benefits

Auctions are beneficial because sometimes the bids placed on products can be very high--it all depends on what the product is. If certain products are in high demand or the starting bid is a low amount, then it is likely consumers will bid on products and your store will reap the rewards. The benefit of this functionality is that it makes auctioning possible and it automatically fulfills winning orders, so you don’t have to do a thing.

The Difference Product Auction Functionality Makes

If auctioning products is right for your business, then this functionality is going to make a world of difference for your online store.

Try it

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