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Get more subscribers for your eCommerce store with the subscribe and save feature. Incentivize your shoppers to subscribe to a recurring order, publication, or any product with a monthly delivery structure by showing them a breakdown of how much money they are going to save in the long term if they subscribe. Customize this functionality to show the exact percent or dollar amount customers will save with subscriptions. You can apply this feature to your email marketing list as well.

Increase subscriptions to regular deliveries by showing customers they can save money by doing so. Offer customers a choice between a one time purchase or a full subscription with a pop-up window. Show customers the percent or dollar amount they will save each month with a full subscription. Build your subscription list with these incentives.


eCommerce companies that sell monthly subscriptions of any kind can build their subscriber list with this feature. If you sell a monthly publication, box of goods, food delivery, or clothing service, this functionality gives you a way to encourage new shoppers on your store to become regular subscribers.

Show your eCommerce customers a pop-up window that encourages them to become subscribers to your store with this functionality. Customers will be asked to select either a one-time purchase, or regular subscription option. Show customers how much money they will save on each monthly payment if they become subscribers. Customize this feature to the details of your eCommerce store.

Increasing subscribers means increasing revenue. When you show people the money they can save on a payment by becoming subscribers, you can increase revenue for your eCommerce store in the long term. When Optimum7 installs this functionality on an eCommerce website, it is common to see the subscriber base grow.

Subscribe and Save Functionality

eCommerce stores can get more subscribers for their regular product delivery by offering customers a chance to save money when they sign up for it. When customers see the value in subscribing, they are more likely to commit to the full subscription. While single sales are good, subscriptions lead to far more revenue.

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