Product and Trip Insurance Functionality

Add insurance policies to your eCommerce store’s products to encourage your customers to commit to their purchases. This feature is both a small upsell and a way to offer better customer service. You can create customized messages to sell your customers on the value of the insurance policy with this functionality.

Upsell your eCommerce shoppers on insurance policies for their larger purchases using this functionality. Offer the insurance policy for tickets that might be cancelled due to circumstances beyond the customer’s control. Offering better customer service such as this can help increase sales on your eCommerce store, and create return customers.

Product and Trip Insurance Functionality

Trip insurance works well for airports, bussing and train stations. If you sell boat tips or tour experiences of any kind, this policy can apply to your business. Any eCommerce store that sells tickets to events which may be canceled like concerts, sports games and festivals can benefit from this feature.

Trip insurance integrates with your checkout page to upsell customers on a insurance policy just before checkout. Customers will be shown a box that offers them the opportunity to add an insurance policy to the items they bought. This protects their purchase in the event of cancellation due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances.

Trip insurance benefits your eCommerce store because you get to offer better customer service while upselling your customers. Customers can feel more comfortable about making an expensive ticket purchase if they can have the security that comes with an insurance policy. If the experience does not get cancelled, you increased your profits with the upsell.

eCommerce stores can often increase their profits by offering trip insurance. Most of the time, events do not get cancelled. That means that most of the time, you are collecting the money from the insurance policy. When big problems do force a cancellation, you offer better customer service by offering this policy.

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