Click for Better Pricing Functionality

Display a button or text link below the add to cart button on product pages. When users click on the button, this functionality will display a popup asking the user to enter their email address in order to receive an instant price quote that is less than the displayed price.

Sometimes prices displayed on eCommerce websites aren’t the real prices… or at least the prices aren’t as low as businesses are actually willing to go, especially for loyal customers. If your company frequently offers customers lower prices for products or services, then Optimum7’s Click For Better Pricing functionality might be for you.


This functionality is for businesses who offer their customers reduced prices for specific items sold on their websites.

The Click For Better Pricing functionality displays a button or text link below the ‘Add To Cart’ button on product pages. When users click on the button or link, a pop-up box appears asking the users to enter their email addresses. Then, users receive instant price quotes that are less than the prices displayed on the business’ website.

Sometimes you can’t display the price you’re willing to give for certain products or services on your website. But with this functionality you can let your customers know that it’s possible for them to get a better price–all they have to do is ask. Even if customers don’t end up buying the product you are promoting with this functionality, you will get their email addresses if they enter them to receive the instant price quotes.

Consumers might not like some of the prices displayed on your company’s website, but with this functionality you can easily show customers the low prices you are willing to offer them. You might be concealing low prices so competitors or manufacturers see — either way, this functionality is an easy way to send customers accurate price quotes.

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