Filter Functionality With Analytics

Improve the shopping experience on your eCommerce store with an advanced search and filter functionality. Let users filter the results of their product searches using a series of side buttons on your search page. On the back end, this search feature offers analytics data that can help you better your search process. The data include search queries, hits, searches by IP, common typos, and more information.


Your eCommerce store can offer a better experience to customers while gathering important metrics for you using this functionality. The front end helps shoppers navigate search results, while the back-end you can view detailed analytics about search behavior. This will let you improve the search function on your eCommerce store.


Organize large inventories on your eCommerce store using this feature. Medium to large stores with many different product characteristics can benefit from using this functionality. It helps customers find what they want faster, which can result in more sales.

On the front end, this functionality allows users to filter or search for products by style, color, weight, material, shipping options and much more. The options for searching products are fully customizable to your website. Users can easily select the filters on the sidebar to see products with those specifications. Also when users type a “phrase” on the search bar, products are automatically filtered out to show product results that contain that “phrase” in the title.

On the backend, web administrators are able to analyze user search behavior and manage how products are displayed on the front end. The analytics portion shows detailed information such as search queries users typed, number of hots per search query, searches by IP and country, search query typos and much more. The product display on the front end is custom tailored to show products that are trending, top selling or with the most views or likes.

Administrators also have the option to use synonyms, whenever typos are made by users. An example of this would be “Chiar” when the user intended to type “Chair”. This feature will still keep the user’s intent in mind and shows the appropriate products.

Increase your potential to earn sales by showing customers the products they want faster. Eliminate the tedious and annoying process of digging through category pages with irrelevant products. Our functionality allows for product searches to be quick and efficient for users. It offers administrators the control of knowing what their shoppers are looking for on their website. This knowledge allows them to optimize their product filters and search to satisfy the shoppers experience.

Create a better search experience on your website using this functionality. Without an organized search system, your customers may have a difficult time finding what they want. Knowledge is power, and this functionality provides extensive knowledge on phrases searched, user location and user behavior. Having it on your website provides immense value to your overall operation.

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