The price drop functionality allows the admin to temporarily drop the price on any of their products. This price drop will last for any duration set by the admin and the admin has full control over the amount of the drop. Users will be able to subscribe for price drop notifications.

Price Drop Functionality

People who love to shop know that prices are bound to drop, eventually, even if it’s just temporary. As a business owner, you can take advantage of price dropping by encouraging shoppers to ‘buy now’ before prices go up again. Optimum7’s Price Drop functionality can help you do this.

Who is it for?

This functionality is for businesses that ever need to reduce prices for items, whether it be temporary or long term. Users who visit the company’s website can subscribe and be notified when the prices for certain items drop.

What Does It Do?

The Price Drop functionality from Optimum7 allows the admin to temporarily drop the price on any of their products. The price drop can last for any set duration that the administrator chooses and the admin has full control over how much money the price drops.

Price Drop Functionality Benefits

Reduced prices can encourage consumers to buy now before items sell out or the low prices are no longer available. With Optimum7’s Price Drop functionality, your business can take advantage of price dropping for certain products and it’s made easy with this tool. Optimum7 can set up our Price Drop functionality on an ecommerce platform, including: BigCommerce, Shopify, and Magento.

The Difference Price Drop Functionality Makes

The Price Drop functionality makes it simple for your business to offer fast price drops for any amount of items for sale on your ecommerce website. The price drops can last for as long as you want and be for as much money as you want. It’s easy to reverse the price drops too. Without this functionality, price drops are achieved manually and it can be a lengthy process.

Try it

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