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The Business

Tees2urdoor.com is an online apparel retailer that launched in 2013. Since then, Tees2urdoor has made a name for themselves in the seasonal t-shirt space and continues to grow its product offering year over year. After years of relying on paid advertising to drive sales, Tees2urdoor came to us in hopes of increasing their organic visibility and conversions. Spoiler… we did and then some.

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The Objective

With our core objectives being to increase Tees2urdoor.com’s organic visibility and conversions, we migrated Tees2urdoor from Volusion to BigCommerce (a much more SEO-friendly and scalable eCommerce platform), implemented an ongoing SEO and content marketing strategy, and developed custom eCommerce functionality to optimize for conversions.

The Strategy

  • eCommerce SEO & Content Marketing

  • eCommerce Migration

  • Advanced Search and Filter (Faceted Search)

  • Custom Apparel Monogram Ordering

eCommerce SEO & Content Marketing

Our robust monthly SEO and content marketing strategy includes on-site technical SEO optimizations, keyword-focused unique content creation, and off-site SEO to acquire quality backlinks. Each of these executions plays a vital role in increasing organic online visibility and website traffic. Using this fine-tuned cocktail is what allowed us to skyrocket Tees2urdoor’s organic performance. 


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eCommerce Migration

After being on Volusion for years, Tees2urdoor had outgrown Volusion and needed a more scalable eCommerce platform so we suggested migration to BigCommerce. We seamlessly migrated all product data, customer data, order data, and implemented 301 redirects. The migration took about 3 months to execute and did not disrupt their ongoing operations. Since the migration, Tees2urdoor continues to see consistent growth in traffic and revenue month over month. 

Custom Programming/Functionality

A few of the custom functionalities created include:

Custom Monogram Functionality: Tees2urdoor offers customizable products and needed a way to showcase those customized products directly on the site in real-time.

Soft “Add to Cart”: This functionality helped decrease their conversion funnel abandonment rate and helped increase their average order value.

Order Batching Functionality: This is a custom functionality built to optimize their packing and shipping operations.

custom functionalities


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