Custom Ecommerce Development and Design

Custom programming, development and functionality require careful planning, strategy and great execution. At Optimum7, we have executed hundreds of custom functionality projects for our clients on several platforms such as Volusion, Bigcommerce, Shopify, 3DCart, Americommerce, Magento, Netsuite, Ecwid, Bigcartel, Zencart, Virtuemart, Prestashop, CoreCommerce, WooCommerce, Wordpress, OSCommerce, Infusionsoft, Podio and X-Cart.

Stop wishing your ecommerce store were better. If you have been told that certain functionality is not possible, contact Optimum7 and let us cross a few things off your list.

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2-Step Account Login Verification

Keep the accounts on your site more secure with a 2 step login process. When a user logs in or registers they will go through the usual steps of filling out their information. When they have completed the first step, they will be required to verify their account in a second step. This is done by sending a unique code to a users cell phone which the user will use to verify their account on their site. This additional level of security will help users feel more comfortable shopping on their site. This functionality can be modified to require the account verification each time a user logs in.

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3D Product Images

The 3D product image functionality will allow a websites administrator to display 3D product images. When a user is viewing the product, they will be able to drag a slider to spin the product a full 360 degrees allowing them to view the product from every possible angle!

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Combo Deal Manager

The combo deal manager allows the admin to sell products as combos. By creating combo products in the back end, the admin will have a chance to upsell after a user selects a product. When a product is selected, a list of combo deals will pop up that include the product in the user’s shopping cart and other products selected by the admin. The user will be able to purchase the single item, or purchase a combo for a reduced rate.

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Auto Fill In For Zip Code, City, State

The zip code auto fill state and city functionality will take the zip code a user inputs and check it against a database. The functionality will then auto fill the user’s state and city to speed up the checkout process.

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Sign In Via Facebook

The sign in via Facebook functionality will allow users to log in or create an account on your site using their Facebook account. This is an easy way to increase account creation on your site as well as obtain a users information including their birthday, email address and other basic info. (This is only possible on certain ecommerce platforms).

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Abandoned Cart and Messenger Marketing

This functionality takes everything that worked so well about marketing emails and brings those qualities to Facebook Messenger. With 2 billion people using Facebook every month, this opportunity is too big to ignore. You can use this tool to automate important information for customers like reminding them of their abandoned carts, giving them order receipts, shipping notifications, and purchase follow-ups all through the popular Messenger app. This functionality will offer you the tools you need to build your marketing list as well. All customers need to do to become subscribers is check a box.

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Abandoned Cart Email Follow-Up

Immediately capture every users email address when they enter it on the checkout page. If the user abandons their cart, their captured email address can then be used to send them abandoned cart emails to encourage them to return and complete their purchase. This functionality can also send abandoned cart emails to users with existing accounts on your site.

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Abandoned Cart Saver

55% of users just visit online stores, add items in their cart and abandon it. It is highly possible that they forget what they add to the cart. When they visit the same online store, they begin their shopping from start. Abandoned cart saver functionality provides customers progressing shopping experience and enables guest users to save their cart for future purchases. Even if they abandon their cart, when they land to the website again their cart will be waiting for them to continue or complete the shopping.

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Accessory Discounts

The accessory discounts functionality will allow the admin to list accessories to major items in their store. When a user purchases one of these major or high price items, all associated accessories will be made available to them at a discount.

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Accordion Checkout

The Accordion Style Checkout functionality will change the layout of your checkout process by breaking up the checkout steps into multiple expandable fields. The user will be shown only one checkout step at a time. As the user completes step one, the second step will expand and the first step will collapse. By presenting only one step at a time, the checkout process is manageable for the user and visually appealing. This checkout process can be customized to include as many steps as required. Another benefit of the Accordion Style Checkout Functionality is that the entire checkout process occurs on one page; therefore, the user will not have to load multiple pages to complete the process.

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Account Privileges

This functionality will allow the admin to create an account privileges system on their store. When a user completes a desired action such as a purchase, referral or newsletter sign up, they will receive points. When the user hits certain point limits, special privileges will be added to their account.

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Accounting Integration

If you’re like most CEOs and entrepreneurs, you assign your accounting to someone else. It’s painstaking, high-precision work, and it is absolutely essential. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could have a tool that made accounting a streamlined and easy process? That’s what this integration can do for you. This integration offers you hands free data entry for all of your important. This can sync all of your transactions right into your Quickbooks, Xero, or preferred choice of accounting software. This will save you countless hours of rote work in favor of more creative, productive and profitable tasks.

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ACH E-check Payment Integration

ACH E-check payments allow customers to electronically transfer their checks when they provide their bank account and routing number over the ACH network to any business for a secure and fast authorization.

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Add Item To Cart Without Required Options

This functionality will allow users to add an item to their cart without selecting required options. Instead of forcing the user to select options before adding the item to their cart, the user can select the options on the shopping cart page. The user will not be able to checkout until all required options are selected as the checkout button will be greyed out.

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Add Products To Cart By Item Number

This functionality displays on the shopping cart page and allows users to edit their cart by quick adding items to their cart via the product number.

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Add to Cart on Category Page

Allow users to hover over a product image on a category page and add the item to their cart and select options without visiting the product page itself.

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Hide the price of a product unless a user adds it to their cart. This functionality encourages users to add items to the cart and builds a sense scarcity that gets the user excited about completing an order.

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Advanced Exit Intent Pop-up

This gamified exit extension makes your users believe the deal they are getting is of a greater value. It shows customers an opportunity to “win” a discount on a spinning wheel, which increases the perceived value of the promotion. You can offer customers a chance to play this game just as they are about to exit your website, which is an incentive to stick around longer as they find out whether or not they won. Administrators can trigger these popups based on rules, algorithms, customer profile etc. This is a fun and engaging way to increase your conversion rate.

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Advanced Q&A Functionality

Smart shoppers always have questions about a product before they purchase it. Every e-commerce store needs a way to deal with this, because customers don’t even have the chance to experience the product in person. Take a look at Amazon, the most successful e-commerce store of all time. Each product page has a clean, clear FAQ feature. Customers and vendors alike can answer these questions. This lets you be more transparent, build brand trust, and ultimately earn more sales.

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Advanced Receipt/ Product Picture Functionality

Automatically embeds photos of the products customers have purchased on store invoices. Quickly allows customers to see a visual of the product they bought next to the order information on their invoice or order receipt.

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Advanced Referral Code

One of the best ways to market your e-commerce company is through referrals from your current customer base. Your customers know people who are likely to benefit from your store, and this really builds confidence in your brand and a great reputation for your business. However, it is not easy to convince people to do this. One effective method to virtually guarantee more referrals is through an advanced referral code system. Turn your customers into your promoters with this simple reward system for referrals. When customers recommend your store to someone else, they get a code for a discount or some other incentive.

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Advanced SMS Notifications

Notify customers, admins or both when an order is made, shipped and delivered. Helps to keep customers updated on the status of their orders at all times.

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Customers Ultimately Purchased Functionality

This functionality will display a list of suggested products based on what other users purchased after viewing the product the user is currently viewing. This data is valuable to a customer as they will see what product users ultimately decided on in a specific product category.

Always Visible Sticky Cart

Make the shopping cart permanently visible for users on the right-hand side of your website with our sticky cart functionality. Users can instantly glance and see what they have in their cart and what their running total is.

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American Express Checkout Integration

This integration will allow users to checkout on your site using American Express Checkout as opposed to the checkout on your site. This will allow users to use a simplified checkout process that is secured by AMEX.

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Animated Product Backgrounds

Display animated backgrounds on your store’s home page and category pages. Enthrall and captivate users with dynamic graphics that bring your products to life. An easy-to-use UI allows you to overlay your animated graphics with promotional text or other information.

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Mega Menu Functionality for Ecommerce

The Animated Mega Menu functionality will display animated images inside the mega menu on your site. By displaying these eye-catching images to your customers right in the mega menu, you can capture their attention and direct your customers to the products and categories that are most likely to convert. This functionality also improves the overall design and usability of your site, allowing you to present a highly functional and attractive menu to your customers.

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Animated Product Listings

The Animated Product Listing functionality will display product listings as a short video or gif image. This allows the user to view the product in a more complete way, seeing it in motion and from different angles. This will improve the user’s understanding of a product without having to read through product details. This functionality gives a more real-time look into the product and enhances the user experience on your site.

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Anti-Spam Functionality

Lessen or eliminate the amount of spam you’re experiencing on your store. With this functionality you will be able to incorporate different methods to prevent spam bots from filling out forms by including honeypot fields, form signatures, submission delay checks, and CAPTCHAs.

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Apply to be Customer Functionality

This functionality creates a application and associated back end manager for users to apply to be a customer of your store. The application will be automatically checked for eligibility and sent to an admin for final approval.

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Auto Add Required Items to Cart

This functionality will automatically add a bundle of required products to a user’s cart when they add one item from this bundle. This ensures that the user gets all required parts needed when they are sold individually. The user will have the chance to remove any of the required items from their cart if they deem them un-necessary.

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Auto Generate User Password Functionality

The auto generate user password functionality will automatically generate a password for a user and send it to them automatically in a one-time accessible link.

Auto Input Max Allowed Quantity

If a user attempts to purchase a higher quantity than one individual can purchase, the maximum number of products allowed will be added to their cart.

Auto Scrolling

The auto scrolling functionality will allow users to hover their mouse over a “button” to have the website scroll through products for them. There are varying scroll speeds as well as row by row scrolling.

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Auto Update Cart Functionality

When a user is reviewing their cart before purchase they often make changes to products, product variations, and quantities. This functionality will automatically update the cart each time a user makes a change. Without this functionality, the user would have to manually press a button to update their cart.

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Automated Dropship XML Integration and Email Parsing

Your e-commerce store probably uses drop shipping to fulfill some or all of your orders. However, sometimes you will get such a large volume of orders that it can become difficult to coordinate with warehouses. Sometimes those warehouses are in multiple states or even multiple countries. This functionality lets you automate your drop shipping order fulfillment. This integration automates your drop shipping emails, saving you time, avoiding order mistakes, and helping you stay organized.

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Automated Refunds from UPS, FEDEX, DHL Exceptions

Sometimes you pay for a service such as 2-day shipping, but UPS, FedEx, or DHL doesn’t manage to ship the package on time. When that happens, you are entitled to a refund for the money you spent on the service. However, you have a constantly growing list of things to do. Do you really want to spend the time on following up with shipping companies and getting your refund? What if we could give you a tool that would do that automatically? In fact, you could save up to 30% on your shipping fees using this functionality from Optimum7.

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Automatic Quoting System

Spend less time processing quotes with our automated quote processing system. When customers request a quote, a PDF quote can be autonomously emailed to them in only minutes. Customers then have the option to accept and immediately complete their order by following a link in the email. If a customer does not accept a quote after a set amount of time, the quote can be set to expire in your backend.

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Display a dynamically updated slider or section your site with the most recent top selling products. Periods can be customized to display top selling products by day, week or month.

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Automatically Recurring Orders

Upsell your customers automatically recurring orders when they are ordering a product that is regularly needed. This functionality can also offer customers a discount when they sign up for a recurring order and can show them how much they are saving.

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Autoship Recurring Orders

Allow users to enable automatic recurring orders at custom or preset intervals on the checkout page. This will automatically create and process an order for the chosen items according to the selected time interval chosen by the user.

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Avalara Avatax Integration

When you sell your products online, sales taxes are an operational nightmare. There are 50 different sales tax percentiles for states alone. Then add counties. Then add cities. You don’t have time for it, but you have to do it. What if Optimum7 could give you a tool to make this process effortless?

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Back in Stock Notifications

Don’t miss out on sales because you don’t have a certain product in your inventory. The Back in Stock Notifications functionality sends users a friendly reminder when a product they want is back in stock. Users have the ability to opt-in in order to receive the reminder notifications. Once setup this functionality runs in the background by itself allowing you to focus on other aspects of your Ecommerce business.

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Back to Shopping Suggestions

When a user is viewing their cart, the back to shopping button will list category options based on the items in the user’s cart. Get more upsells by showing shoppers suggestions for products they are more likely to find attractive with this feature.

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Bitcoin 3rd Party Payment Option Integration

This integration will allow users to check out using a third-party Bitcoin checkout option. When a user finishes paying with Bitcoin, they will be returned to your site to finish the checkout process. This creates new opportunities when you to close sales with what could well be the currency of the future.

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Blogs can be an effective way to boost your rankings, create opportunities for sharable content, and keep your website fresh and updated. However, your true end goal is to generate more conversions and sales. Most people will skim over your hyperlinked text, so it is more effective to have a visual sidebar that displays the products related to your information.

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Bulk Discounts Functionality

You can create hundreds of thousands of discount codes for your eCommerce store with a single click using this functionality. If you want to promote your products or services with discounts on social media, or offer incentives to loyal customers and business partners, this is an efficient and secure way to do so.

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Buy Box / Add to Cart Package

The Plus and Minus Add to Cart functionality will change the way users add items to their cart. Users on your site will no longer need to type in a specific quantity for the item they are trying to purchase. Instead, users can simply click on the plus or minus button to increase or decrease the quantity that they will order. This functionality will improve the overall usability of the site and increase customer satisfaction.

BOGO Sale Functionality

The BOGO Sale functionality allows the site owner to promote specific products by offering 2 products for the price of one. The site admin can apply this discount to any products they would like and can run the promotion for any duration of time. When a user adds a buy one get one free product to their cart, two items will be added to their cart at no extra charge.

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Buy Via Partner

Allows the user to select a partner of yours find the location where they can purchase your product locally and receive support from your approved partner.

Calculate Order Costs Based on Specific Metrics Slider

This functionality will adjust the price of an item or service based on metrics the user selects. This could be quality of the service, duration of time or quantity of products needed. This functionality displays these options as a slider which adjusts the price as the user “plays with” the metrics. Once the user has selected a price via the slider, the user will be able to add the product or service into their cart.

Call Me Popup Functionality

For consumers interested in learning more about certain products and services, this functionality allows customers to be connected to someone at your store instantly by allowing customers to request calls. A pop-up box appears in the lower-right corner of the computer screen, prompting users to enter their phone numbers. Then, after clicking the ‘call me right now’ button, users can learn more about products and services by receiving a personal call from someone at your business.

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Category Page Color Swatches

These swatches will be displayed on product listings on category pages, allowing users to view different colors of a product without going to the product page itself

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Chase Pay Integration

Let customers pay for products on your site using their Chase bank information with this functionality. This creates a faster checkout process by storing information from shoppers for future purchases using a secure system. Fast and convenient checkout systems can help boost sales on your e-commerce platform.Allow users to use their Chase account information to check out on your site. This adds an extra level of security and will shorten the checkout process.

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Checkout Button Hover to Display Cart Details

As a user goes hovers the mouse over the checkout button on your site, this functionality will trigger a message that displays the details of their order as well as other relevant information. This allows for the user to review their order before heading to the shopping cart page allowing them to make edits if necessary.

Checkout Donations Functionality

Allow users to donate a preset or custom amount to a charity or an organization of their choice on the checkout page. Donation amounts can be preset by the admin in the backend or a user can enter the exact amount they want to donate.

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Checkout Page Optimization

A poorly structured and designed checkout page can adversely affect your conversion rates. We are experts at checkout page optimization and can implement functionalities such as live checkout field validation and shipping address verification to reduce user errors and streamline the checkout process.

Click for Better Pricing Functionality

Display a button or text link below the add to cart button on product pages. When users click on the button, this functionality will display a popup asking the user to enter their email address in order to receive an instant price quote that is less than the displayed price.

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Click on Video Add to Cart Overlay

Display a click to add to cart popup on any video on your website that contains products that you sell on your store. Easily allow users to add products they see in a video to their carts, instantly.

Click to Add to Cart Options Soft Popup

The click to add to cart options soft popup creates a soft popup that is displayed when a user adds an item to their cart. Instead of choosing product options before hand, when the user clicks add to cart, a soft popup with product options will be displayed.

Clickable Icons on Product Images

This functionality will display small icons on product images that when clicked, will display more info, show a video etc. This can be customized to display information in any format (pdf, video, audio, text etc.) and designed to look however the admin desires.

Clip Art Functionality

The clip art functionality will create a database of clip art images on your site. Users will be able to choose and personalize the clip art to use on their custom products.

Commission and Reporting for Resellers

Allows you to set up your store for 3rd party resellers and vendors to sell on your site. This functionality also permits you to keep detailed records of all 3rd party transactions. If your ecommerce platform or business needs to calculate commissions of resellers or referrals, this system will make it efficient to assign commissions on a per reseller basis and track totals accordingly.

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Compare Offers from All Sellers Functionality