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Create wishlists that can be shared publicly or kept private in a simple process with this functionality. Customers can share their wishlists and restrict access to specific users. These options for privacy are useful for birthday and Christmas gifts. Businesses that want to keep track of what they plan to purchase find this to be a useful feature as well. This functionality also allows users to easily add selected products from their wishlists to the cart for a quick checkout when the time to buy comes.

Sometimes customers want to buy something from your eCommerce store, but it may not be in their budget yet, or they’re waiting for an occasion. That’s why offering customers online wish lists to help them keep track of materials that caught their eye can be an effective service.


The Public and Private Wish Lists functionality by Optimum7 is for businesses who want to give their customers a place to save products for future purchases. While any eCommerce store can use this, it works well for items that make great gifts, or luxury items that may be more expensive. The wish lists can be made by any online user to save desired items. The lists can even be shared publicly so other people can view a user’s wish list.

The Public and Private Wish Lists functionality allows customers to save items they wish to buy in the future on a list. Customers can share their wish lists with other people publicly and businesses can restrict the access to wish lists to specific users. It is also very convenient to transfer items from the wishlist to the cart when the time to buy arrives. 

This wishlist functionality can help save customers from the disappointment that comes with planning to buy a product online, only to be unable to find it later. That’s why wish lists are handy. The benefit of this functionality is that you can accommodate customers who won’t be ready to buy your product till later. This is common due to budgets and occasions for gifts like birthdays and Christmas. You can increase sales for your eCommerce store by making it easy for customers to plan a future purchase. The ability to share or privatize lists provides better service to people buying gifts, or businesses that need to restrict visibility.

Like many of Optimum7’s functionalities, the Public and Private Wish Lists functionality improves overall eCommerce convenience. Customers are more likely to go through with buying an item they saved if they don’t have to scavenge an entire website to find the same item again. Businesses can make it easy for their customers to go through with buying products by allowing customers to keep and share wish lists online.

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