Set specific custom fields on your checkout page only when a specific product or product option is selected or added to the cart. For example, if your customer has to select a delivery or installation date, we can make a checkbox appear that asks them to confirm the date they originally chose only if they add a specific item to cart. This feature can be used with any product, any option or any custom field.

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Conditional Custom Checkout Fields

Online businesses that require more information than shipping and billing information may find Optimum7’s Conditional Custom Checkout Fields functionality useful.

Who is it for?

This functionality is for businesses that need specific information for certain products purchased online. For example, if a business sells a product or service and needs to know an exact date for delivery or installation, then the Conditional Custom Checkout Fields functionality would be a great tool to have. This is also a great tool for businesses that sell products that require further paperwork, like gun dealers who need Federal Firearms Licenses on file to ship firearms.

Conditional Custom Checkout Fields

Conditional Custom Checkout Field

What Does It Do?

Optimum7 creates a specific custom fields on a business’ checkout page for specific products and/or product options that are added to customers’ shopping carts. This feature can be used for any product, product option, and custom field.

Conditional Custom Checkout Fields Benefits

The Conditional Custom Checkout Fields functionality is beneficial because it customizes the purchasing process for customers who buy unique items that require further information and detail. The functionality can be completely customized to ask customers for all of the necessary information, which can save time and hassle for all parties involved.

The Difference Conditional Custom Checkout Fields Makes

The Conditional Custom Checkout Fields functionality makes the checkout processes for unique items quick and simple. It eliminates the need for businesses to reach out to customers for additional information and/or paperwork.

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Conditional Custom Checkout Fields


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