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Allow your customers to select when they like their items to be delivered with a calendar ordering functionality. This is critical for custom delivery items such as flowers, chocolates or gift baskets; it’s also necessary for services like flooring installation or cleaning service. Surprisingly, 95% of eCommerce solutions do not offer this functionality. But don’t let that stop you! We can add a calendar so customers can easily and clearly select the delivery date or installation date. This date will then show up in your order notes in the admin panel.

For some purchases, the time of arrival is crucial. Customers who order flowers or chocolates or cookie bouquets for loved ones or special occasions often need their purchases delivered right on time, not a minute too early or too late. With Optimum7’s Calendar Ordering functionality, your business can make delivering items on time easy.


This functionality is ideal for businesses that deliver time-sensitive items, such as: flowers, chocolates, gift baskets, or services like cleaning or floor installation. Sometimes timing is the most important factor in a business’ service. 95% of eCommerce solutions do not offer a functionality like this one. Optimum7’s Calendar Ordering functionality is suitable for eCommerce platforms: Volusion, BigCommerce, Shopify, 3DCart, and Magento.

Optimum7’s Calendar Ordering functionality allows a company’s custmers to select when they want the items they order delivered to them. Optimum7 adds a calendar to your business’ website that allows customers to easily and clearly select the delivery date or installation date for your company’s services. The dates selected show up in your order notes in the admin panel on the backend of your website.

The main benefit of the Calendar Ordering functionality is getting your customers their orders when they want them. This is an organization tool that your customers will thank you for. Whoever processes orders at your company will know what orders are expected where on whatever date at whatever time. Mix-ups will be easily avoided with this efficient and smart tool.

With the convenience of this simple and easy-to-use functionality, where will your business be and what will it have to do to make sure orders arrive on time, when needed at customers’ doors? This functionality makes deliveries hassle-free and that’s the difference it makes.

This functionality can be on your website today. Contact Optimum7 and we will get this tool set up for you.


We can help you determine which functionality is best for Shopify, Bigcommerce, Volusion, VTEX, Magento, 3d Cart, Wordpress / WooCommerce, Opencart, Episerver, Oracle ATG and any Custom Cart.

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