Ship to FFL Functionality, Integration and API

Perfect functionality for online firearm vendors, gun dealers that need to have customer orders shipped to a local FFL. FFLs can upload their licenses and customers can select a local FFL (Federal Firearms License Holders) when placing their online order. If their local FFL license is not on file, a link can be sent to the local FFL to upload theirs to expedite order processing. You could also take advantage of the FFL API we have built integrated with the ATF Database for instant look-ups of active dealers and build your own connection if you wish on any platform.

This FFL Integration works with all eCommerce Platforms such as Magento, Volusion, Bigcommerce, 3DCart, Miva, Woocommerce, VTEX, SAP, Oracle, and many custom eCommerce solutions.

If you’re not quite sure what an FFL is, then this functionality might not be for you. But, if you’re all too familiar with FFLs, then tune in, because Optimum7 created the best Ship-To-FFL functionality as a BigCommerce Development company.


The Ship-to-FFL functionality is for online firearm vendors who are looking for an easy way for their customers to find local FFL dealers for their firearms to be sent to.

Optimum7’s Ship-To-FFL functionality makes it simple for customers to search for local FFL dealers, upload their dealer’s FFL licenses, and select the FFL dealers they want their firearm and/or ammunition orders sent.

If an FFL is not on file for a specific dealer, then the functionality can send a link to the dealer asking them to upload a copy of their FFL license to the website. FFLs must be on file with firearm vendors before shipments of firearms and ammunition can be sent.

You can also check the FFL Firearm Dealers API Guide.

The benefits of the Ship-To-FFL functionality include: making the process of finding local FFL dealers easier for customers and allowing FFL dealers to upload their FFLs directly to firearm vendors’ websites. With this functionality implemented, customers can complete their online gun orders quickly and gun vendors can ship orders without a lot of back and forth communication with customers and FFL dealers.

Without this functionality, FFL dealers would have to scan and send copies of their FFLs to online firearm vendors and customers would have to search for a FFL dealer on their own and make sure the dealer’s FFL is on file with the online gun vendor they are buying from. This functionality saves customers and firearm vendors time and effort.

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