Autoship Recurring Orders

Allow users to enable automatic recurring orders at custom or preset intervals on the checkout page. This will automatically create and process an order for the chosen items according to the selected time interval chosen by the user.

The AutoShip program is the only method for merchants to create recurring revenue from their lifetime customers and earn customer loyalty. For visitors, the recurring order service provides an easy repeat delivery of favorite products that they love!


Automatic recurring order service is for administrators who want to streamline the process of delivering a regular order to customers who have a recurring need. It is perfect for eCommerce professionals who sell a recurring need like soap, food or drink mixtures, or anything else that you need. Works well for business-to-business sales as well.

This recurring order functionality enables recurring shipments of orders for products of which your customers will need a regular supply. Recurring orders services enable recurring orders for the selection of items at a time under the control of the user.

The benefit of placing a recurring order for the customer is to streamline one aspect of their lives. The benefit to the administrator is the ability to guarantee a regular sale. This makes your eCommerce store a part of your customer’s life, which is a great place to be.

This is a good way to become a recurring habit for your customers. You stay on their minds, and sooner or later, completing a monthly sale could become second nature to your customers. This is a great way to upsell your products.

This functionality can be on your website today. Contact Optimum7 and we will get this tool set up for you.


We can help you determine which functionality is best for Shopify, Bigcommerce, Volusion, VTEX, Magento, 3d Cart, Wordpress / WooCommerce, Opencart, Episerver, Oracle ATG and any Custom Cart.

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Other Functionalities

How To Use Recurring Orders Service in Your Online Store

Easy and Customizable Subscriptions

Customers want the convenience of one-click ordering, but they also value customization. That’s why AutoShip program is a great way to provide both! Customers will be able to get their favorite product such as dog food delivered straight away with no hassle or difficult transactions; meanwhile, you can change preferences whenever without penalty around specific delivery frequencies as well.

Promotional Incentives and Coupon Codes

A good way to boost and maintain regular sales is by setting up functionality for recurring orders. One great way to take advantage of recurring orders generated automatically is by adding a promotional incentive. This will help you get more customers and give them an even better reason than ever before to buy!

Your customers will love using a coupon code that gives them money off their first order. What’s more is if you know they’re going to need another subscription anyway, this extra incentive may be just what it takes for them to push through with activating one!

Inexpensive Subscriptions

When you offer a cheaper overall price, it will be easier for your customers to order again and not feel bad about mixing in one-time purchases. By rewarding customers with a discount for spending more on their subscription, you’ll be able to lock them in and guarantee higher sales. That way they’re saving money while getting access to the best of what your store has!

Brand Identity

If you’re vying for sales in a competitive market, encouraging recurring orders is very crucial. Let your customers order automatically with the touch of one button. This will set you apart from other businesses and give them peace of mind knowing that their supplies are always on hand!

Your customers will be able to use your automatic recurring order service at their preferred frequency because they know that you’re there when the time comes. This means no more running out of staples or getting too low on dog food; nothing will go wrong!

Right Customer Targeting

For customers who hate shopping and can’t stand the thought of having to search for, order, and pay even with easiest payment ways such as PayPal Express Checkout for products all on their own time; setting up a hands-free recurring order solution is like winning the lottery.

For those who are tired of the hassle and hassles that come with shopping online, try implementing specific copy for your promotions. Target shoppers, who don’t enjoy this process by making them think “why would I buy from another store when I can have orders processed automatically forever?”

Advantages of Automatic Recurring Orders and Recurring Shipments

  • Run your ongoing subscription services automatically with just a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Let customers choose whether or not they would like to have their orders automatically refilled and charged on a regular basis.
  • Your clients can easily set up recurring orders, effectively increasing your revenue.
  • To ensure customer loyalty, you should service their needs and differentiate yourself from competitors. This functionality could potentially create lifetime customers in the process!
  • Enable customers to set up their own recurring deliveries at any time and on the day they wish. You can even allow them multiple automatic recurring orders all at once for convenience!
  • Save your customers time by recurring billing them and reduce cart abandonment with this custom functionality.
  • Automatic recurring order functionality reduces your shipping cost and helps you to gain tighter control of your accounts.
  • The service helps saving customers time and provides more accurate sales forecasts.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a recurring order?

Recurring orders is the perfect solution for customers who want to buy something on a regular basis without having any physical contact with them. The functionality allows you to create future orders generated by customers automatically and paid at intervals selected by yourself during checkout!

What are Autoship orders?

Autoship is a way to ensure you never run out of essential items. When joining, your purchases are automatically added to the Autoshipping program and with no further action necessary from yourself they’ll show up at regular intervals!

How does auto delivery work?

AutoShip order functionality enables your customers to have a supply of items they need on an ongoing basis. Recurring orders services give users control over their shipments, so it’s easy for them to send you what will be there when the time comes!

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