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If you are not showing up on the first page for thousands of keywords, you are leaving millions of dollars on the table! 

Let our SEO Experts grow your organic traffic by an average of more than 300%.

  • Great content
  • Increased authority.
  • Conversion Optimization
  • ROI Focused SEO

Partner with Optimum7, an award-winning eCommerce SEO Agency, to increase your organic traffic and bring in more revenue! Our team provides eCommerce SEO services, such as on-page and off-page SEO strategies built around optimizing your category and brand pages.

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Our Process

Analysis & Audit

Get an in-depth inspection of your website from the highly-experienced professionals at Optimum7.


Keyword Research & Strategy

Our eCommerce SEO services are the perfect way to get your website on top of Google’s search engine results. We analyze every detail that you need, including competitor analysis and keyword research.

Monitoring & Optimization

As an eCommerce SEO company, we monitor your organic traffic of your pages and adjust our customer base strategy accordingly. eCommerce SEO is a process that requires diligent tracking.

What are eCommerce SEO Services?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the ongoing process of improving the visibility of a website, an online store, or a web page in the organic search engine results presented in Google and other search engines.

eCommerce SEO strategies focus on growing what is known as organic traffic, which refers to traffic achieved through search engines rather than paid advertisements. Organic traffic is widely considered much more valuable than paid traffic, as organic traffic is proven to increase conversions.

Today’s consumers are much more sophisticated than ever before. 

Whether we realize it or not, experts have estimated that the average American is exposed to 5,000 ads per day. Marketers have found that traditional advertisement is seen by consumers as intrusive; it interrupts their daily lives with an attempt to sell.

Search Engine Optimization, SEO campaigns, and long-term marketing strategies change the nature of the relationship between advertisers and consumers. With eCommerce SEO strategies, users are seeking out your products or services and asking questions related to your niche. 

Then you provide them with valuable information. The user trusts this information because they found it with their own market research.

On-Site Optimization vs. Off-Site Optimization

SEO services for eCommerce sites can be broken down into two separate categories: on-site optimizations and off-site optimizations.

On-site eCommerce SEO optimizations refer to changes you make to your site which makes Google’s algorithm friendly. This includes: 

  • Optimizing Page Titles, Title Tags, and Meta Descriptions
  • Content Creation
  • Page Load Speed
  • Internal Link Structure
  • Mobile-Friendliness
  • Structured Data 
  • and more.

Off-site eCommerce SEO refers primarily to increasing authority from other websites. This can be achieved through social media channels via backlinks and brand mentions.

Why is SEO Essential for an eCommerce Store?

If you are not showing up on the first page for thousands of keywords, you are leaving millions of dollars on the table!

When it comes to bringing higher quality leads to your website, there’s no better optimization than SEO.

How Do We Provide eCommerce SEO Services?

There are a few objectives that don’t change when we talk about a business with an eCommerce website, such as: 

  • Reach & Acquire Target Audience
  • Increase Profitability
  • Build Loyalty

However, while most businesses have common objectives, not all companies and operations are the same. The strategy for reaching that objective should always be unique, comprehensive, and tailored to the specific needs of that organization.

Here are the 4 steps that will help you reach your target audience, through organic channels, with the power of SEO:

Analysis & Audit

In the first step of the SEO services, we investigate some important metrics, including:

  • Authority Score and Backlink Profile
  • Traffic Distribution by Country / Region
  • Organic Metrics
  • Top Organic Keywords and their volume
  • Keyword Types and Intents
  • Main Competitors and Their Keywords Targeting 

This empowers us to form an idea about the current condition of your eCommerce business, so that we can determine the unique KPIs for your business. After checking these metrics, we create an action plan for technical and On-site optimization.

Get an in-depth inspection of your website from the highly-experienced professionals at Optimum7. 

Keyword Research & Strategy

By researching keywords, you gain insight into what your customers need and how they search for it. The better you understand the demand of your target audience, the more engagement you can generate with the content that you provide.

In this step, we mainly focus on some important factors, such as:

  • User Intent
    • Information
    • Comparison
    • Navigation
    • Transaction
  • Head Terms and Body Keywords
  • Long-tail Keyword Opportunities
  • LSI keywords Optimization
  • Creating Keyword Targeting Map and avoiding Cannibalization

Our SEO eCommerce services are the perfect way to get your website on top of Google’s search engine results. We analyze every detail that you need, including competitor analysis and keyword research.

Monitoring & Optimization

SEO is fluid, and constantly evolving, so your strategy needs to change and move along with the changes.

SEO monitoring is the process of investigating the visibility and ranking of your website and competitors on search engines.

As an eCommerce SEO company, we monitor the organic traffic of your pages and adjust our customer base strategy accordingly. SEO services for eCommerce are practices that require diligent tracking.

eCommerce SEO And Digital Marketing
Services We Offer

Local eCommerce SEO

Local SEO is a strategy that targets a specific geographic area. If you’re a business that only offers products or services within a certain radius, Local SEO, one of the most effective eCommerce SEO services may be right for you.

eCommerce SEO Website Audits

As an experienced eCommerce SEO agency, we perform a site audit and dive deep into your site architecture to discover opportunities to optimize your content and increase the organic search visibility for both short and long-tail keywords.

Link Building

Links from other websites are one of the primary factors Google and other search engines take into account when determining rankings. Acquiring these links is one of the biggest challenges a marketer faces when performing an SEO link-building campaign.

Mobile SEO Optimization

Over 50% of all web traffic is on mobile devices, and that number is expected to grow. Google has taken notice and if your website or online store isn’t optimized for mobile devices, your organic traffic will suffer.

Advanced Analytics

Technical SEO refers to changes you can make to a site’s code or structure to help search engine spiders crawl the pages on your site and index your content. Additionally, technical eCommerce SEO services consists of optimizing the metadata on your site that will help increase your visibility and click-through rate on search engines.

Content Creation

Content is the engine that powers eCommerce SEO. Our digital marketing specialists do keyword research and identify the target keywords you need to start ranking for on search engines. The days of keyword stuffing are long gone! Our copywriters, strategists, designers, and videographers ensure your content is unique, high-quality, and gets seen by your customers.

Frequently Asked

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click) can both be effective for different purposes. Pay-per-click (PPC) is great for short-term, immediate results and SEO is more of a long-term digital marketing strategy and has longer-lasting results.

However, if you invest only in PPC and when a lead goes to your website and it isn’t optimized, their user experience may very well turn them off. Then they will not convert. Your site should be optimized before you start a PPC campaign.

PPC campaigns are very helpful. However, because it is proactive and you are putting your ad in front of the narrow audience sector your company has chosen. In contrast, with long-term SEO strategies, a more general audience has an easier time finding you.

Note on pricing: keep in mind that depending on the keywords you choose, your costs can be startling high with a PPC campaign, so do keyword research deeply and choose the keywords you bid on wisely. eCommerce SEO services are not free. However, it will help the longevity of your website, which is vital to eCommerce businesses.

For your website to become the “go-to” site in your particular field or product is any businesses’ dream, but this DA (relevance to specific keywords or industries) is grown organically and is tough to establish.

At Optimum7 we do this through publishing quantities of valuable content, such as blog posts, videos, and more, on a weekly basis.

Did you know you only have 2.5 seconds to impress potential clients before they will leave a website?

As an very experienced eCommerce SEO agency, we answer potential clients’ questions immediately, clearly, and in an easy-to-digest format.

Once we have built that big pool of valuable information, videos, or entertainment for your website, your website will start to establish DA in your field.

Organic simply means it wasn’t paid for.

It can be as traditional and innocuous as getting traffic through a paid ad. Statistics will not reflect this as “organic traffic,” however, which is the desirable statistic when considering placing an ad on a site or sponsorship.

Entities can also purchase followers for their social media accounts, monetarily incentivize traffic to their site, etc. For various reasons, explained below, this is a less desirable practice.

To get organic traffic, followers and be found in an “organic search,” you should employ an SEO strategy.

SEO services that are offered by a leading SEO company are not cheap. There are a lot of details and intricacies in delivering eCommerce SEO services such as copywriting, DA building, conversion rate optimization, and more.

Local SEO services should cost between $1,000 – $2,000 a month and national SEO services that are offered by a national eCommerce SEO agency with more competitive terms should cost $2,500 – $20,000 a month based on resources necessary.

Average eCommerce SEO services cost $5,000 per month. This cost will increase if you are in a competitive industry such as electronics, vaping, healthcare, or similar.

In reality, most people ask the wrong question. The right question is “How much should I NOT spend on SEO monthly?”

You are wasting your money and resources if you spend less than $1,000 a month on eCommerce SEO. An exclusive eCommerce SEO strategy in the USA costs an average of $5,000 a month. Copywriting, content structure, and authority building (backlinking) should be included in this cost.

It all depends on how the service is executed. eCommerce SEO is a long-term strategy and should never be analyzed in under 6 months. However, logical KPIs and objectives should be set such as an increase in organic traffic, keyword universe ranking, and more.

If executed right, SEO can be a gold mine for businesses to increase revenue and bottom line.

SEO services are just like any other service. You might have a lawyer that you trust or a doctor that takes care of your family. Ideally, you want to find a digital marketing agency who makes sense and has your best interest at heart. This person does not BS you and tells you what you need to know, and not what you want to hear.

It’s a business decision! The only thing you cannot afford to do is lose the edge to your competitors.

eCommerce SEO to Thrive.

No matter which way you go around it, you’ll need an eCommerce SEO strategy with specific know-how for your business to get visible and thrive. Start building your online authority now.