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One of the biggest inconveniences for eCommerce professionals who do business across the globe is selling and buying goods in different currencies. Even going from common currencies like pounds and dollars can create a big difference in price. Not only that, the currency is fluctuating in value at all times. Who has time to do the research and calculations for conversions if you are doing business in multiple currencies? No one. That’s why Optimum7 offers you the dynamic currency conversion tool. This features is connected to the central bank for real-time currency updates.

Converting from one currency to the next is a pain in the neck for eCommerce professionals, many of whom do business all around the world. If you have warehouses, customers or locations in multiple countries operating under different currencies, you need a dynamic price calculator that can show customers how much they are spending in their own currency. Details like this offer better levels of customer service, which can make sure you get repeat shoppers.


This is for eCommerce companies that do business with customers and locations all across the globe. A dynamic price converter can make things more convenient for both you and your customers and clients. When customers get to see a real-time conversion between currencies, they feel more comfortable and in control of the situation. This makes them more likely to become repeat customers.

This feature creates a display that converts between currencies for your customers and clients as they shop. As shoppers add items to their cart in one part of the globe, they can see their total in their own currency. This gives them a clearer idea of what to expect, and helps them feel more comfortable shopping on your eCommerce store.

When customers see their total in their own currency, they feel more comfortable and informed while they shop at your eCommerce store. Greater customer comfort and familiarity means they are more likely to come back to shop with you again. When they become repeat customers, you increase your sales, revenue and profits.

This feature makes a difference by saving you time and clarifying how much you are spending when you are working with multiple currencies. Without this functionality, you risk confusing shoppers on your eCommerce store with a currency the value of which they do not know or understand. When you use a dynamic price converter, customers and clients know exactly where they stand. You also can use it to save yourself the time you would otherwise spend on research and calculation.

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