Tax Exempt Functionality for Bigcommerce and Shopify

Tax-exempt functionality will create an additional checkout step on eCommerce stores for companies that are buying your products with tax-exempt status. Allow users to file their tax-exempt paperwork on your eCommerce site, validate their tax status, and apply the tax deduction in their checkout process. The buyer will be able to save their documents permanently on your site simplifying future purchases!

Dealing with taxes isn’t always easy, but for businesses who deal with customers who request and need tax-exemption, Optimum7 can make the whole situation a little bit easier with our Tax Exempt Functionality.


Tax-exempt is ideal for eCommerce businesses that sell B2B. Customers wanting to be tax exempt will need the necessary paperwork to purchase inventory free of tax. Our functionality is ideal for wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers who have plenty of B2B customers on a daily basis.

The Tax Exempt functionality enables customers to request tax exemption from eCommerce businesses. The customer can click a box saying he or she wants to be exempt from sales tax and a popup appears on the Checkout page that requires the customers to download a PDF for tax exemption status. The customer can print the PDF, fill it out, and upload it to the popup box along with the required documentation. Then, the admin of the website will review the tax-exempt PDF and approve or deny tax exemption. Then, if approved, our functionality will remember the customer is tax exempt every time a purchase is made. Making this a one-time process for the customer. 

Taxes can be tricky, but the Tax Exempt functionality makes dealing with taxes a little bit easier for businesses and customers. This functionality makes validating tax exempt status simple and fast. Plus, everything needed is in 1 location: download the PDF and upload it again. With the Tax Exempt functionality, there is no hassle of going back and forth.

Without the Tax Exempt functionality, customers are required to hunt down tax exempt forms and email them to eCommerce companies. With the Tax Exempt functionality, this isn’t necessary, and the process is made infinitely easier for customers and businesses.

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