Every online shopper on the planet wants to know when he or she will be receiving an order. This functionality uses the date on which the order is placed to calculate when the order will be delivered. Factors such as the chosen shipping method (i.e. standard, expedited, next-day), the item location and public holidays will be taken into account to provide a more exact estimate for the shopper.

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Estimated Delivery Dates Functionality
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Estimated Delivery Dates Functionality

The Estimated Delivery Dates Functionality provides an exact date of delivery for a customer’s purchase. It will be displayed at the checkout but can be customized to appear on the product, cart, and confirmation order page. The delivery date is calculated based on several factors such as the shipping method, holidays, shipping zones, and custom orders.

Who is it for?

Our estimated delivery dates functionality is ideal for e-commerce retail sites that want to give customers the right expectations about when they will receive their purchases. This helps customers plan for their own deadlines, which is essential for B2B dealers. B2C e-commerce stores can improve the customer experience with this tool as well.

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What Does It Do?

This functionality displays the estimated delivery date of a customer’s order once the customer reaches to the product page. It bases this estimate on the preferred shipping method they chose along with other factors. You may choose to display a day range or a date range for the estimate. Your business can have estimated dates for shipping services like FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL on the page.

Estimated Delivery Dates Functionality Benefits

Our estimated delivery dates functionality improves the accuracy of delivery by showing when customers can expect their orders to arrive. Providing estimated dates of delivery can make it easier for a customer to decide to buy because they know when they can expect their goods.

The Difference Estimated Delivery Dates Functionality Makes

This functionality can help your business get more sales, improve conversion rates, and maximize the overall customer experience by building trust and transparency into your customer experience. This is essential during holiday season when off-days and other factors have an impact on delivery.

Try it

If your business wants to provide accurate delivery dates for customers when they place their order, contact Optimum7 today to learn more about the estimated delivery dates functionality. Call us at 866-882-8484 or fill out our online contact form.

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