The Product Image Watermark functionality allows an Ecommerce website administrator to easily brand all of their product images by adding a customized watermark to all of their product photos. Each time the admin uploads an image to their site, they will have the option to add a custom watermark to the image. By adding watermarks to your images, you can increase your brand awareness, highlight specific products, and prevent your images from being used elsewhere.

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Product Image Watermark

You’ve seen watermarked images before--photographers typically use watermarks so people cannot save images without purchasing pictures. Adding watermarks to photographs is an effective way to prevent people from saving images without paying for pictures. It can also be a great way to build up business, because a business’ name can be the watermark.

Who is it for?

Optimum7 created the Product Image Watermark functionality that makes adding watermarks to images simple for Ecommerce businesses. This functionality has been used in a variety of websites such as apparel & accessories, home & bath, electronics among others!

What Does It Do?

The Image Watermark functionality allows Ecommerce website administrators to easily brand their product images by adding customized watermarks to their product photos. Every time an administrator uploads pictures to a website the functionality will present an option to add custom watermarks to product images.

Product Image Watermark Benefits

By adding watermarks to images, companies can increase brand awareness, highlight specific products, and prevent images from being taken without permission.

The Difference Product Image Watermark Makes

Without watermarks on images online, it’s easy to simply right click and save images. With watermarks, people who save your images would have no choice but to have your brand’s watermark on the image.

Try it

You can try the Image Watermark functionality today. Contact Optimum7 to learn more about this functionality and have it integrated to your Ecommerce store.


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