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The Design Your Own Product will allow users to customize their products and view a product image that includes their customizations. As your customers begin to design their own product, they will see a rendering of that product which includes their customizations and options. By allowing your users to customize and preview their products, you will increase the chance of converting on those items!

Does your online business sell products that can be easily customized with various features and/or designs? Perhaps your products can be used for company, club, or organization swag. Or maybe a school or sports team would appreciate customized products from your store. If this is something your business can do, then you might consider implementing the Design Your Own Product functionality to your eCommerce website.


This functionality is ideal for eCommerce websites that feature customizable and mix-and-match products. For example, a company that sells a variety of colored t-shirts or other products that can be designed with uploaded images and different designs could use this functionality to show customers what their customized orders would look like.

With this functionality in place, users of your website can design their own products and see renderings of the products that include the customizations and options they choose. For example, if a user is designing a key chain, then the functionality will show an image on the keychain that the user uploaded, in addition to any features the user picked out, like a clip. Customers can easily design the products they want, see an idea of what the products will look like, and choose how many of the products they’d like to order–all with this one functionality.

This functionality allows customers to know exactly what they’re going to get before they spend any money. Customers can see an accurate image of what they are customizing and they can play around with different features and images, so they can make sure they are buying things they are likely to be satisfied with.

Without this functionality, customers are left to their own devices. Let’s say a customer is trying to make a t-shirt online and he or she can choose the color of the t-shirt, the size, and upload an image; however, he or she is unable to see what the product might look like when it’s made. What are the chances this customer is going to buy a t-shirt on this website? We’d say it’s pretty unlikely. Therefore, this functionality allows customers to get an accurate idea of what the products will look like so they can be confident with their purchases.

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