Hero Product 3D Display Functionality

Improve your product display with a customizable slider that lets customers interact with your product. The Hero Product Display Functionality creates a 3D model of a product that changes as your shoppers move a slider back and forth. For example, if the product is a blanket, you can show it folding and unfolding as the customer slides the bar back and forth.

Let customers interact with your products using a 3D model on your eCommerce store website with this feature. Let customers drag a graphic of a sliding bar back and forth, and watch as the 3D model changes. If you have something that collapses or expands, like an inflatable pool or a camping tent, this dynamic model can show customers how convenient it is to use.


If your eCommerce store sells something that expands or collapses, this is a great way to model that for customers. This can apply to hiking and camping gear, tents, pools, blankets, or any product that looks good with an interactive 3D model.

Create an interactive graphic display of your product with this functionality. This feature will create a sliding bar that customers can drag back and forth. As they drag the bar, the image of the product will change. This could look like a blanket unfolding, a wallet-shrinking or expanding, or any application you can think of.

Encourage customers to buy your product by letting them interact with it using a 3D model. When customers feel comfortable with the product, they may be more likely to commit to the purchase. This can lead to more sales, which is the path to more revenue.

Creating an interactive display for your product lets customers get more comfortable with the product. It makes your eCommerce store more attractive. Visuals have a big impact on customer decision making, and this is is a great visual.

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