Create a display for products your eCommerce customers recently viewed with this feature. After implementation, this functionality will create a button on the side of your website that can be expanded to display products customers recently viewed. This removes distractions from your sales funnel and makes your website easier to navigate.

Recently Viewed Products

This functionality offers a simple way for your eCommerce customers to view and revisit product pages they recently opened. It creates a tab on the side of your page that can pull out to display items the customer recently viewed. This tab has a built-in search feature and works across all of your eCommerce store’s pages. Your customers won’t have to deal with complications from hitting the “back” button, which makes it easier for them to revisit an item that caught their eye.

Who is it for?

If you want to improve conversions for returning shoppers and optimize your eCommerce sales funnel, this functionality is for you.
This ‘recently viewed’ display tab removes distractions from your sales funnel. Often, customers visit the same page multiple times before making a purchase. This functionality helps customers revisit product page in fewer clicks and without the hassle of backing through multiple pages.

What Does It Do?

This functionality keeps track of items your eCommerce customers recently viewed. It then presents these items to the customers in a clean and simple tab which can be opened by clicking on a button on the side of your website. On this tab, customers can search through the list of items they recently viewed, and come back to them to finish the purchase.

Recently Viewed Products Benefits

This functionality can help optimize your sales funnel. Often, customers will see a product they like, but leave that page to continue browsing. Later they can become distracted by backing through pages. Customers may have trouble finding the product they liked again. This feature makes it easier for customers to navigate your eCommerce store. It also solves the problem of buyers forgetting the name of a product they recently saw. This makes your eCommerce sales funnel more efficient, which generates more sales.

The Difference Recently Viewed Products Makes

The difference this feature makes is that your eCommerce store will reduce distractions on your shopper’s journey through the sales funnel. When shoppers can keep track of items they liked using a side tab, they can return to the product page to buy the goods. The result of this is more traffic and conversions for your eCommerce store.

Try it

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