First Purchase Discount Functionality

Allows you to offer a discount to the customers who are making their first purchase on your store. The plugin checks for a combination of multiple fields such as address, zip code, name, phone number and email id to know if the user has already made a purchase in past.

A first impression is incredibly important. How can you make a perfect first impression on a newcomer to your eCommerce store? Try this first purchase discount functionality. Promoting this discount can get you more conversions, more sales, and more repeat customers.

“First Purchase Discount Functionality” is locked First Purchase Discount Functionalit

Offering discounts on a first purchase is for savvy eCommerce companies that want to turn visitors and browsers into first-time buyers. When you promote a discount, you encourage people to commit to a purchase, thus helping you become more profitable.

“First Purchase Discount Functionality” is locked First Purchase Discount Functionalit

Offer your customers a discount on their first purchase to entice them to buy something on your store. This functionality will double check to make sure that it really is the first time the customer trying to reap the benefits of the discount has bought something by double checking their email, phone number and other relevant information to make sure they haven’t bought something before.

When you offer a discount for the first purchase a consumer makes on your eCommerce store, you make it far more likely that they will go from simply browsing your website to buying something. You also incentivize them to place a larger order for their first time. If you know you’re getting a discount, it is only logical to apply that discount to a bigger purchase. That’s how this functionality can lead to greater profitability.

“First Purchase Discount Functionality” is locked First Purchase Discount Functionalit

When you offer a discount for the first purchase, you get more first purchases, it is as simple as that. However, you need to make sure you are not being taken advantage of. That’s why it so important to have a functionality that verifies the fact that the customer really is a first time buyer.

Grow your base of first time customers and increase your average first-time order size by offering a discount through a secure and verifiable hard-to-game system designed by Optimum7. Call us at 866-848-6072 or contact us online to learn more.


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