Rather than wasting time sending items to the cart, this quick one-click reorder function improves efficiency. It will automatically place an identical order to the previous one and charges their card. With one simple click, the order is complete. Bear in mind that customers cannot change payment and shipping information when using the one-click reorder function.

One-Click Reorder

Is there a product that you buy over and over again? Perhaps it’s perfume or a certain brand of protein powder. Maybe it’s something for your business or office, like battery packs, water filters or k-cups. Whatever it is, if you buy something on repeat or you have a website in which you sell items that are oftentimes bought repetitively, then One-Click Reorder is the perfect functionality for you or your e-commerce site.

Who is it for?

Like many functionalities, One-Click Reorder benefits suppliers and consumers alike. One-Click Reorder makes it easy for repeat buyers of particular products to repurchase the same item again and again. By making the purchasing process easier for customers, more revenue can be brought in by businesses utilizing the One-Click Reorder functionality.

What Does It Do?

The One-Click Reorder process is straight to the point and saves consumers time and effort. Instead of making repeat customers search for the same products repeatedly month after month, Optimum7’s One-Click Reorder functionality makes it possible for websites to remember what customers purchased in the past. Therefore, upon visiting a site with the One-Click Reorder functionality in affect, customers will be asked if they would like to repurchase items they bought previously. The functionality allows the site to remember the exact order details, including product particulars and payment information. If the user would like to purchase the same order again, he or she will be prompted to click a “reorder” button and their credit card will be charged automatically. With one simple click, the order is complete.

One-Click Reorder Benefits

One-Click Reorder makes buying easy and keeps customers coming back to the same business for the products they love. By making a purchase possible with just one click, consumers will have more time to spend on other things, such as using the products they enjoy purchasing on repeat.

The Difference One-Click Reorder Makes

One-Click Reorder is the perfect functionality for businesses that have partial subscription models in place and want their customers to be able to repurchase products quickly and easily. The One-Click Reorder functionality is great for companies selling items that are frequently bought again, for example: businesses selling essential home items like paper towels or soap.

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