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Verify the age of your users and decrease liability for your business with this feature. Some products come with a minimum age requirement, which is why the checkout process includes a section for verifying the shopper’s age.

  • The Age Verification functionality is automatically set up to appear for brands or products that have particular age requirements. Users must verify their age before continuing to the site or before making a purchase for some sort of controlled/restricted item.
  • The Age Verification functionality helps to minimize the liability of a supplier when providing customers with a particular product or service. Age verification functionality works with Bigcommerce, Shopify, Magento, 3DCart, Miva, WooCommerce, and more.

When businesses sell age-restricted merchandise, they must find a way to make sure buyers are of age.

For brick and mortar stores, this process is usually simple: businesses can require identification from customers to prove buyers of age-restricted items are of age. But when it comes to eCommerce, verifying customers’ age can be tricky.

It’s easy for online shoppers to click a button that says “Yes, I am 18”. But for most businesses, this is not enough. If online businesses cannot verify the age of customers buying age-restricted products, they can be subject to lawsuits. Optimum7 created the Age Verification functionality to reduce the risk of liability.


The Age Verification functionality is for businesses that sell age-restricted products online. The functionality makes it possible for companies to ensure customers are at an appropriate age to be buying certain items. Such items include but are not limited to alcohol, guns, vape shops, tobacco products, and adult content. Age Verification protects businesses that supply age-sensitive products and guarantees customers are of-age. This functionality also protects customers who are not yet the recommended age allowed to buy age-restricted items in question.

When the Age Verification functionality is in place, it will automatically appear to users of the website. Customers will be asked to verify their age before continuing on to the site or before purchasing an age-restricted product. Users will be asked to verify their age by entering their date of birth, including the year in which they were born. This functionality can also confirm purchasers’ birthdays by connecting with their Facebook accounts.

Moreover, Age Verification can take place by prompting customers to upload an image of their identification card. When this feature is in use, store owners are able to manually approve the ages of buyers by personally age checking their IDs. With eCommerce, face-to-face communication is a rarity. Age Verification creates an opportunity for businesses to ensure their customers are the proper age to be buying age-restricted items.

The Age Restriction functionality benefits the sellers and buyers of age-restricted content or merchandise because it adds an extra layer of protection against liability. Sellers can do their due diligence and be confident about selling their products are being sold to people who are of-age, while underage consumers can be protected from purchasing inappropriate items. Furthermore, parents of underage online shoppers can be sure that their children are prevented from buying or viewing age-restricted merchandise and material.

Optimum7 has worked with a number of clients in need of an age verification tool on their websites. We have worked with companies that sell wine, guns, tobacco products, adult content and more. VaporDNA is one of our clients that has benefited from the Age Verification functionality. They are a company that sells e-cigarettes on the Internet. With Optimum7’s Age Verification functionality, customers on VaporDNA’s site are prompted to upload an image proving they are 18 years old. VaporDNA can then manually approve each customer’s age before allowing him or her to make a purchase.

To add Age verification to your eCommerce store, contact Optimum7 online or call us at 866-848-6072 for more information. Our expert team of programmers, developers, and designers have over 12 years of experience create custom functionalities for all types of businesses in every industry. We are more than happy to help you transform your eCommerce website into a top clicked site. Professional custom functionalities can elevate your website and provide your customers with a better shopping experience.


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