Competitors Price Comparison Functionality

Increase checkout conversions by up to 25% with competitors price comparison display. This functionality checks 3-5 competitors’ prices in real time and displays them to your users only if you are the lowest price. It can be used for hotel bookings, car rentals and eCommerce product comparisons.

Instill a sense of confidence with potential customers by ensuring them that they are getting the best deal available. This feature will monitor competitor prices and display the price comparison to users only when it’s a guaranteed lowest price.


Businesses who offer products or services that are available in multiple stores can increase conversions by ensuring their users that they are getting the best offer online. For example, travel agencies, eCommerce businesses, and car rentals benefit greatly from this tool.

Optimize your website for conversions by adding the competitor price match functionality to your website. This tool checks 3 to 5 competitors’ prices in real time and displays the price comparison to users on your company’s website. Prices are only displayed if your business’ prices are lower than competitors’.

Boost your revenue by building confidence in your customers right before they convert. Letting your customers know they are getting the lowest price online can encourage them to convert faster, instead of doing a price comparison by themselves. This tool only displays prices for products that your company offers the lowest prices for, so you are never driving sales to your competitors.

This tool can increase checkout conversions for your business by as much as 25% and make your competitor price check process more efficient.

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