Help customers order the right size from the get go and avoid dealing with returns due to customers ordering the wrong size. Our interactive fit finder will display a recommend size on a per product basis based on the criteria entered by the user. Can be customized for apparel, electronic, and other product types.

Interactive Fit Finder

Most websites have sizing charts and generally sizing charts are pretty helpful. Shopping online and knowing how a store typically sizes their clothing is also helpful when deciding what sizes to purchase; however, Optimum7 offers a functionality that makes finding the perfect size much much easier for consumers. It’s called the Interactive Fit Finder functionality.

Who is it for?

This functionality is perfect for any online store that sells apparel. If your store’s products are one-size only or unwearable, then this functionality doesn’t make sense for your business. This functionality helps consumers find the right sizes from the get go and it allows them to avoid dealing with returns dues to ordering wrong sizes. This tool is great for online businesses that sell clothing, electronics, and a bunch of other product types.

What Does It Do?

Based on criteria chosen by you and entered by customers, the Fit Finder functionality will suggest sizes to the people who shop on your online business’ site. Let’s say your store sells clothing. Customers can enter their heights, weights, and the type of fit they prefer. Then, this functionality will suggest the perfect size. Whatever criteria works for the specific products sold on your website, Optimum7 can make a tool of it.

Interactive Fit Finder Benefits

The main benefit of this functionality is that it prevents customers from being unhappy with the sizes they purchase from your online store. When customers are happy with the sizes they get in the mail, they are less likely to return the items and they’re more likely to be happy with the products and services provided to them. This benefits your store because it’s less of a hassle with a lesser number of returns.

The Difference Interactive Fit Finder Makes

Without an Interactive Fit Finder on your website, customers only have size charts and their own guesses to figure out what sizes to order. If they’ve never ordered from you before, they might not know if sizes run large or small. This fit finder tool is great for any store that sells products that can be fit. Try it today.

Try it

This functionality can be on your website today. Contact Optimum7 and we will get this tool set up for you.


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