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At Optimum7 we live and breathe eCommerce marketing. Our team of world class developers and SEO specialists will work tirelessly to ensure your website is dominating the search engines, and your sales are skyrocketing.

A BigCommerce SEO Agency You Can Trust

Optimum7 has been in business for over 15 years. And we aren’t going anywhere. Our team is constantly expanding and becoming more knowledgeable about the eCommerce world. We have a robust team of BigCommerce SEO experts that are ready to tackle any problems along the way.

Our eCommerce development team have also been pioneers in eCommerce businesses for years. Using a BigCommerce CMS platform has many advantages. However, partnering with an agency like Optimum7 means there is no chance that your BigCommerce site won’t do what it needs to do. If there are missing built-in SEO features that are impacting rankings, our developers will create those features to ensure your success.

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Our BigCommerce SEO Services

Once you sign up with Optimum7 as a BigCommerce SEO client we will start working through an extensive audit of your eCommerce business to identify low hanging fruits (keywords that we can get more traffic for quickly) as well as long term goals.

Our goal at Optimum7 is to become an indispensable part of your marketing team. Therefore, rest assured that our eCommerce SEO services will target both short and long term goals that your online store has.

After we have crafted the right BigCommerce SEO strategy specifically tailored to your business we will get on a call with you. We will help you understand all of the details and items that will be changed on your website.

Keyword Research

One of the first priorities for our team will be to identify on-page optimizations. These are changes to the headings of pages on your eCommerce store that can help Google and other search engines better understand what your page is about.

Our team will use best-in-class SEO tools to deep dive into the keyword universe that your website is a part of and find the most relevant target keywords for your site. Our team will then implement these changes and submit the information to Google search console to ensure the information is indexed as soon as possible.

Technical SEO Audits

Our team of search engine optimization experts will then audit and analyze your bigcommerce website from a technical standpoint. Our aim here is to identify missing elements or errors that may be preventing your site from achieving maximum search engine rankings.

These technical issues will be related to title tags, meta tags, SEO best practices, or even reviewing and working to improve site speed. Our team dives deep into understanding and benchmarking your current online visibility. We will review both on-page and off-page optimization.

Content Roadmap

After we’ve determined we have a plan in place to ensure that your website is technically sound we will begin crafting quality content to include on your website. Our experts have years of experience writing content for BigCommerce stores, and we have experience in both B2B and B2C content creation.

Our team will map out the content topics we want to create to help increase organic traffic. We will work with a team board on Monday, and you will be able to login and approve the topics before we set to work on writing them.

Link Building Strategy

No site will get very far without backlinks, and at Optimum7 we pride ourselves on producing quality white hat backlinks for our clients. Our team of link builders will work to acquire high authority and relevant backlinks to your industry, and we will produce this for you on a monthly basis.

Our team searches for websites that are relevant to your industry and have an established authority. We believe in quality over quantity, and we strive to make each link we build more impactful than the last.

Additional BigCommerce Platform Improvements

When it comes to SEO and digital marketing, our work never stops. Once we’ve dominated our target keywords and improved organic traffic it’s time to work through other elements that another search engine marketing agency may struggle with. Since we are a full service agency with expertise in BigCommerce development we are prepared to take the extra mile for your business. 

Some of the additional items that we include in ongoing SEO campaigns include:

  • Testing the text found in your title tags and meta descriptions to ensure that we are achieving the highest CTR possible for your site.
  • Developing aggressive remarketing campaigns for site visitors based on their actions.
  • Improve site speed.
  • Split testing your online sales funnel to ensure it’s producing at the highest rate possible.
  • Implementing video in your online stores to improve conversion rates.

Again, we are an extremely experienced BigCommerce SEO agency, and we know exactly what it takes to ensure that your business is maximizing its online presence.

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Other BigCommerce Services We Offer

Our team has worked with BigCommerce for over 10 years. That means we’ve seen every issue and dealt with every problem you can think of. We’ve even built tons of custom functionalities for BigCommerce sites. We are happy to assist with the following services:

BigCommerce Development

Over 15 years of experience have led us to being one of the premier BigCommerce website builders. As certified BigCommerce developers, we understand how to ensure your BigCommerce store looks great and runs even better. 

Our development team will work with you to create the optimal BigCommerce store for your industry. Working with a BigCommerce SEO agency for your ecommerce store development ensures your website will be optimized for search results.

ADA Compliance

Optimum7 can work through the nuances of ADA compliance to ensure your BigCommerce businesses are not subject to lawsuits due to lack of ADA compliance. By implementing an SEO optimization plan on your website, you are already taking the first step towards an ADA compliant website. 

Our team will work through all the elements of ADA compliance to ensure your online stores are accessible to anyone with disabilities.

BigCommerce Migrations

Our team of Bigcommerce platform experts take pride in a ZERO DATA LOSS migration process. With years of success transferring online stores across platforms, we have 100% confidence we can complete your BigCommerce migration successfully. 

Working with an SEO agency ensures that all 301’s will be properly implemented and your website should obtain more organic traffic with the successful implementation of an ecommerce migration. 

Page Speed Optimization

If you have invested thousands of dollars to ensure your website looks aesthetically pleasing for visitors. This will enable you to be SEO friendly. Therefore, ensuring the targeted traffic you are receiving has a pleasant experience should be one of your primary focuses. 

Our BigCommerce development team can ensure your entire BigCommerce store runs as fast as possible, with our developers taking extreme care to ensure no elements break during the speed optimization process.

Conversion Rate Optimization

When all the elements of a website are functioning flawlessly, CRO is your next step to building an ecommerce empire. By implementing conversion optimization best practices, you ensure that highly sought after targeted traffic drives the most online sales.

Our team will work with you to ensure that your website adheres to best practices in regards to checkout, the purchase process, abandon cart features, and more. We will make sure your website converts at the highest rate possible.

Google Shopping Optimization

BigCommerce merchants understand the value of Google Shopping ads, and our BigCommerce marketing experts can help with proper shopping ads optimizations to ensure your online store achieves maximum visibility. 

In fact, our paid search team can probably identify at least 10% bloat in any Paid Search strategy you are currently running. We can also suggest creative ways to increase ROI on any paid search campaigns.

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If you’re ready to work with one of the top BigCommerce SEO agencies in the country, call us today to see how our BigCommerce SEO services work. Our team will come up with an SEO plan to attract organic traffic and push your search engine results to the limit.

Our Promise To A Successful BigCommerce SEO Campaign

Our BigCommerce SEO experts are so adamant that we can boost organic traffic that we regularly offer a guaranteed boost in organic sales or traffic or your money back. Why? Because we are confident that we can deliver. We won’t work on your eCommerce website if we aren’t confident that we can make an immediate impact on your business’ bottom line.