Uber Rush Delivery Integration

Uber Rush is a new delivery service that operates as an alternate service for local deliveries. Integrating your eCommerce store with Uber Rush will allow your company to easily ship, receive and track packages and shipments in real time. With this integration, each time a user checks out and requires a local delivery, Uber Rush will receive this information and the delivery will automatically be scheduled. This allows companies to easily ship to their local customers, lower shipping costs, and accurately track all deliveries in real time.

Many businesses use different shipping methods depending on where the shipment is going–near or far away. This particular functionality is useful for companies who frequently have local deliveries to make and allows for super fast deliveries and low-cost, same day shipping.


This functionality is for any company who sells to local customers and needs to deliver products to said local customers. Optimum7 offers integration with any eCommerce platform instead of the limited integrations Uber Rush currently offers.

The Uber Rush Delivery Integration functionality is integrated with businesses’ eCommerce stores and it allows companies to easily ship, receive, and track packages and shipments in real time. Every time a user checks out on a website with this functionality integrated and he or she requires a local delivery, Uber Rush will receive the order information and the delivery will automatically be scheduled.

With the Uber Rush Integration functionality, companies can easily ship to local customers, pay lower shipping costs, and track deliveries in real time.

The Uber Rush Integration functionality makes delivering to local customers a breeze for businesses. The ordering process is implemented quickly and, because it’s local, shipping doesn’t cost much at all. Plus, local customers get their orders super quick. It’s okay to use a different shipping method for different kinds of customers. Save time and money where you can.

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