Automated Dropship XML Integration and Email Parsing

Your eCommerce store probably uses drop shipping to fulfill some or all of your orders. However, sometimes you will get such a large volume of orders that it can become difficult to coordinate with warehouses. Sometimes those warehouses are in multiple states or even multiple countries. This functionality lets you automate your drop shipping order fulfillment. This integration automates your drop shipping emails, saving you time, avoiding order mistakes, and helping you stay organized.

Keep your dropship orders moving at a fast and efficient pace with this integration by automating them. You get to enjoy all the benefits of drop shipping without the headaches of coordinating order for five different warehouses in three states and two countries, or however many locations you organize for your business.


This integration is for eCommerce companies that use drop-shipping for fulfillment. Many eCommerce companies use drop shipping for some or all of their orders. This integration is a way to keep all your orders going to the right warehouses at the right times.

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When a customer places an order at your eCommerce store, this feature automatically sends that order information to the appropriate drop shipping warehouse. This streamlines your workflow, saves you time, and helps you stay on top of high volumes of orders. It makes your fulfillment process happen faster.

The benefits of this feature include faster order processing times, better customer services, smoother operation between your locations and multiple warehouses, and a better fulfillment process.

You coordinate with four different warehouses in three states and one in another country. How are you supposed to keep track of every drop shipping order? This tool automates the process for you. It sends an email to the warehouse as soon as an order is placed.

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