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Smart shoppers always have questions about a product before they purchase it. Every eCommerce store needs a way to deal with this, because customers don’t even have the chance to experience the product in person. Take a look at Amazon, the most successful eCommerce store of all time. Each product page has a clean, clear FAQ feature. Customers and vendors alike can answer these questions. This lets you be more transparent, build brand trust, and ultimately earn more sales.

An advanced Q&A functionality is a must-have for a successful eCommerce store. Why else would Amazon, the king of eCommerce, include one on every page? You can increase brand trust and transparency with a FAQ feature. People who buy products always want to know the same things. This can save you time writing emails and answering telephone calls, letting you focus on building your business.


Every eCommerce store needs an FAQ feature. Without a strong Q&A process, customers will become frustrated with a lack of information. Save time on calls and emails to customers with this forum.

This Q&A functionality will save you endless amounts of time by creating a clean layout of common customer questions on your product page. You can apply the same thing to any page of your eCommerce store. This is a great way to offer better customer service and build brand trust, which is the key to earning more revenue in the long term.

A Q&A feature will make your eCommerce website more informative, more helpful and more trustworthy. When customers have peace of mind about the products in which they are interested, they are more likely to buy. This means more revenue and trust.

When you have a Q&A feature on your product pages or anywhere on your website, you offer a better level of customer service. When customers have more information to work with, you will get more sales and revenue. Take a tip from Amazon and use this functionality on your website.

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