Product Comparison Functionality (side-by-side) for Bigcommerce, Shopify, Magento and eCommerce Sites

The Advanced Product Comparison functionality will allow users to select products that they wish to compare. As a user browses category and product pages on your site, they will be able to add products to a comparison list. When the user views the list of products they have selected to compare, they will see each product and its details side by side allowing them to make quick inferences as to which product suits them best. When the user has made their selection, they will be able to add the item to their cart directly from the comparison page.

This can be implemented as a product comparison tool, product comparison chart, a comparison table with calls to action, or a comparison flow. This helps increase conversions on category and product pages. You can even add a feature where you crawl competitor’s prices and do comparison with competitors.

You can compare two products side by side, three products or more. We recommend capping the product comparison to 5 products in a table view.

Provide better customer service on your eCommerce store by letting customer compare products side by side. Customers add products to the comparison page, and then check details against each other. When customers have chosen which product is better, they can add it to their cart directly from the comparison page.


eCommerce stores that sell similar products such as clothing, shoes and furniture can benefit from this feature. You can increase conversions and sales when customers compare products because the detailed information makes shoppers more confident in their choices.

Show customers a side-by-side comparison of two products on your eCommerce store. For example, let’s say you sell coats. Customers can look at the cut, color, and style of two coats, and see which one they prefer. Customers can add the product they prefer directly to their cart from the comparison page.

This product comparison functionality can be built for Bigcommerce, Shopify, Magento, Volusion, 3DCart, Magento, and any custom eCommerce site.

Encourage customers to buy materials from your eCommerce store by making them feel confident in their buying decisions. When shoppers can see two products side by side, you are encouraging them to think past the sale. When they are choosing which product to buy instead of whether or not to buy a product at all, they are closing to closing the deal.

Comparing products can be a fun part of the shopping experience for your customers. It lets them make a better decision with more detailed information, and thus more likely to complete their purchase. This can lead to more revenue for your eCommerce store.

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