For some products, you can’t tack on a simple price tag beside a photo and call it a day. Maybe that’s good enough if you sell t-shirts, but if you sell something priced by quantity such as mulch, flooring or siding, you need a different system. How can you offer a transparent and effective price calculation that helps make customers feel more in-control while they shop? Optimum7 offers you a dynamic price calculator to solve this problem. With this feature, customers see a display of the price that updates as they add materials to their carts.

Dynamic Measurement Price Calculator

Tired of customer questions about your pricing structure? Wish you cut the time that goes into answering them out of your workday? If your e-commerce store doesn’t use a per-unit price structure, this feature can show customers how much they can expect their total to come to. This helps customers feel more at ease, and in control of the situation as they shop. This feature is a great way to offer superior customer service, which can drive revenue by turning customers into repeat customers.

Who is it for?

The dynamic pricing calculator is for e-commerce companies that sell their price their product by quantity (flooring, siding, raw materials like sand and concrete) or any business with a non-standard price structure. Let the customer feel in control by showing them what their total comes to each step of the way with a simple price display. Better customer service means more repeat customers, and therefore more sales and revenue.

Dynamic Measurement Price Calculator

What Does It Do?

This feature creates a calculator that will show customers what their total comes to as they shop for materials on your website. If you have a substance you sell by weight, volume, perimeter, square feet, or square inches, you might need a more complicated way to calculate prices. Common examples of this are garden mulch, wallpaper, or floor tiles. This customizable calculator shows people what their total comes to as they shop.

Dynamic Measurement Price Calculator Benefits

Showing customers this dynamic pricing calculator lets them understand how your by-volume or by-weight price structure works. When customers have a clear sense of how your pricing system works, they trust you. When they trust you, they come back for more business time and time again. When they come back, you close more sales, and you get more revenue.

The dynamic pricing calculator is for e-commerce, Bigcommerce, Shopify, and Magento sites that want to have product pricing calculated based on a custom formula.

The Difference Dynamic Measurement Price Calculator Makes

Without this dynamic pricing calculator, customers might become concerned with the fact that they can’t figure out what the price is right away. This feature lets you show shoppers the price of their purchase as they proceed through your sales funnel. More transparency translates to return customers, and that can increase sales and revenue.

Try it

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