Conditional Pricing Display

This functionality offers the ability to display set prices based on any of these variations. For example, everyone in the United States might see a different price than all users in Canada. Or, everyone who is referred through Facebook will see a price set for referred users. With this functionality, you can set custom prices based on the type of customer you’re reaching and we can help you accomplish this.

Depending on where a consumer is located, prices for certain products might vary. For example, a person who resides in Canada might see a different price for a kitchen table listed for sale on an eCommerce site than someone in America or Europe. Many times this is because the currencies are different; however, businesses can also choose to display prices differently depending on a number of factors they decide. For instance, if you own a company whose products are advertised on Facebook, Optimum7 can help you create a custom pricing for the customers that reach your website through referral.


This functionality is for any eCommerce store that sells products in a large geographic area or multiple countries. This functionality is also for any store that has special conditions that apply to its products, users or has multiple promotion/referral channels.

This advanced functionality will allow a website’s admin to add specific conditions to products and users via the back end of their site. This functionality will then use these conditions to determine which price to display to users. As users view products on your store, the price they see will be determined by the conditions that the admin has placed on those particular products or the profile of the user.

By implementing this functionality on your site, you can be sure that the most relevant and correct price is displayed to your users. This will eliminate any confusion that can occur when selling products that are priced on a per user basis. As the user goes through the process of selecting a product, viewing their shopping cart and checking out, this functionality will ensure that the user knows the correct price throughout the entire process.

Conditional Pricing Display helps clients who sell their products in multiple countries or run a number of campaigns at once and want the pricing to be conditional.

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