Pre-Checkout Upsell

Did you know that a targeted pre-checkout upsell could increase your per-order value by as much as 40%? It’s most effective when you can make the buyer believe that you’re offering them great value or that the products you’re upselling are a perfect match for what they already ordered. We can install this functionality on any eCommerce platform during Shopify, Volusion, and Bigcommerce development process

Most users are already ready to buy once they view their shopping carts, make use of that high intent by offering them additional attractive products that they may also want to buy with a pre-checkout upsell functionality for your eCommerce store. This functionality is smart and customizable, displaying products based on the ones the user has viewed in the past or related to the products already in their shopping cart. The pre-checkout upsell doesn’t interrupt users since adding a product to the cart from the related products section will result in a modal pop-up box for the user to select the options for that product (if options are present). This is great to use if you are trying to cross-sell items. Once the user selects the options, the modal pop-up box closes and the user returns to the shopping cart page to seamlessly complete the checkout process.

Pre-Checkout Upsell

Pre-Checkout Upsell is a great addition to every eCommerce store that sells products that have complimentary items or similar items in inventory. Almost every eCommerce site can benefit from it and experience an increase in average order value. This functionality can be used to perform different types of upsells and post-purchase sales for customers shopping online. We can implement the pre-checkout upsell app for almost every eCommerce platform including Volusion, Bigcommerce, Spark Pay, Magento, 3DCart, WooCommerce, ZenCart and more!

Pre-Checkout Upsell

Pre-Checkout Upsell will display products in a horizontal bar below the shopping cart details section of the shopping cart page prior to checkout. While the web user is going through product pages the functionality will take note of the products they have clicked on to upsell them once they are ready to check out. Numerous conditions can be developed in order to display exactly the kind of products you want. Products that are displayed in the upsell section can vary depending on:

  • The user’s viewing history.
  • The products in the user’s cart.
  • Seamless options selection pop-up keeps the user in the cart even when adding products from the upsell section.

Users who are already planning on ordering something are likely in the mindset to order a few more things. The Pre-Checkout Upsell functionality can remind them to purchase recommended accessories or similar products to what they already like. Reach user’s immediately prior to the critical purchasing stage and begin increase your average order value.

Pre-Checkout Upsell

eCommerce stores that have implemented the Pre-Checkout Upsell functionality have on average seen an increase of 8-12% increase in average order value. Start getting bigger and better orders with Pre-Checkout Upsell for your store!

You don’t just have to let us talk about this functionality. Soon you’ll be able to try it for yourself on our live sandbox and get a feel for what it can do for your eCommerce store. Upsells and cross-sells can boost your revenue and provide you with new information about the behaviors of your clients. Our team of developers, programmers, and designers can create this functionality and customize it to fit your company’s’ vision.


We can help you determine which functionality is best for Shopify, Bigcommerce, Volusion, VTEX, Magento, 3d Cart, Wordpress / WooCommerce, Opencart, Episerver, Oracle ATG and any Custom Cart.

Contact us today with any additional questions you may have about our functionalities.

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